Exclusive Video of Mitt Romney at All-Women Campaign Event

“Speaking in Chantilly, Va., at Exhibit Edge, a female-owned firm that designs trade show exhibits and displays, the presumptive Republican nominee was surrounded by women. More than a dozen female business owners and entrepreneurs were invited to sit behind Romney at the event, putting them directly in the camera shot, while dozens of other women were seated in front of him.”

Mitt Romney targets female voters in Virginia [Yahoo]

Even if this clumsy PR stunt worked, the Wingnutty Xtians won’t ever let Mittens “love” women and he’ll cave like he did against the Ghey (even though the Ghey in question was a Bushite who hung around John “Free Mustache Rides” Bolt-on.)

For a moment I thought that was McCain in that video.

Seriously, though, I’m waiting for the Mittens photo-op with all the single ladies stay-at-home mothers. Not gonna hold my breath for his visit with the hoi polloi working single parents.

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