The fact that it was rear-engined with the weight over the drive (rear) wheels is the only thing that saves it:


Just got back from my 50th VMI Class Reunion, where my roomie kept one in the next county as we couldn’t drive in Rockbridge. He’s still alive, no thanks to his car back then.

My brother had one, which spent most of its time sitting out front. Not very reliable, unlike its cousin, the VW Karmann Ghia Type 14.

My older brother also had one. I have not-so-fond memories of scraping frost from the windows on the inside of the car before we could leave for school. The holes in the floor just added character.

@RevZafod: VMI, eh? I’m related to one of the cadets who filed suit about ten years back to stop mealtime prayers there. Any idea whether folks are still upset about that?

Wow, it all comes back now . . . I had one, I believe it was the “Monza” model. Hell of a car (for it’s time). Didn’t take it long term, however. Boy does that date a guy. A big car version of the Beetle.

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