Let’s Knock Up a Panda!


Did they put butter on the stick used for inseminating?

“couldn’t get a good sample”: wow, the poor bastard who has to jack off a panda (all night, apparently) doesn’t even get to use the Twitter account. ;)

OT/ Smug Canada City Banks, not so smug. Bailout of $114 BILLION CDN for three banks including my bank. Hidden from the public by fiscally “responsible” Tories. Seems PM Fatty lied/hid that info. Tories campaigned on that through “public” service commercials (even though he lobbied against the very rules that “saved” the Canada City banks.)

Was it Carlin that asked why, if these things can’t manage to reproduce on their own, we shouldn’t just let them die out?

@ManchuCandidate: will this bring down his government? can he get sent to prison?

No. Fatbody has a majority of cowed morans in parliament, but it kicks his “leadership” down a lot of notches which is what the Tories have been running on for the last 6 years. I learned two years ago that the CIBC (my bank) was about 3 days away from meltdown thanks to owning a significant amount of Lehman stock and owning a lot of US America mortgage CDOs.

Makes the Libruls $100 million scandal (which killed them) look like chicken shit. Especially in light of the austerity budget he announced last month and the skyrocketing cost of the F-35s. Looks like 65 fighter planes will cost 45 BIllion.

@blogenfreude: It’s a replay of the Dumbya Years in Canada City. They’re having a scandal every week now that would’ve brought down previous gubmits in the olden days, and yet nothing seems to dislodge the Conservatives. They’re like kidney stones from hay-ell.

Exactly. I told my upset friends when the Tories “won” their majority that this felt like 2004 US America. The GOPers didn’t celebrate much post 2004 and I had inkling that this would follow the Tories. I wasn’t all that wrong.

BTW, there’s also a big real estate bubble. I’m living at ground zero of the biggest real estate bomb in Canada City. If I didn’t buy my house before everything went really crazy, I might actually be scared.

@Walking Still: Bitter Stick was fucking dee-poor-ted.

@blogenfreude: “Was it Carlin that asked why, if these things can’t manage to reproduce on their own, we shouldn’t just let them die out?”

There’s an interesting argument for that–the problem lies in whether people have caused the circumstances under which animals can’t reproduce or live in the wild or if their species was going to go extinct without any human harm or intervention. I thank there was such a debate over saving the California condor. But I was high most of that class. I do remember eutrophication and apologize to the world when I fertilize the lawn (usually phosphorus-free).

@ManchuCandidate: So, all of us who swore we’d move to Canada should Shrub get a second, well, his first, really, term but didn’t move after all–we did okay?

Speaking of moving, what happened to that psycho that passed though last week?

@I’m passing for white: To quote Woody G: “all they will call you will be deportee.”

@ManchuCandidate: That yellow snowflake Hello? person.

@Walking Still: Is he still with his stepdaughter?

PandaAI? They need some sci-fi geeks at the Nashnul Zoooo. Bitter Stick’s intelligence is quite real.

@ManchuCandidate: Vansterdam is in a major bubble too, there’s no question. I read an article recently about cabbies flipping rental properties and condos marked up so high that only Chinese millionaire$ can afford them. If that doesn’t spell C-R-A-S-H, then I dunno whut.

It’s OK, though. They’ll get by with their healthy outdoor lifestyles.

@I’m passing for white: It’s crucial to remember that 60% of Canadians voted for one of the liberal-progressive parties, and Harper Valley PTA only has his pweshous majority by default from the unification of Canadia’s previous two centre right and lunatic fringe right parties into one party. It’s a cautionary tale about the perils of the parliamentary system. On a positive note, they do have loud and vocal opposition, unlike the illusion of opposition that we have here in the US.

@¡Andrew!: Ah. I tend to like parliamentary systems because, sometimes, people focus on common goals even though some constituents are always going to be pretty pissed about the alliance. Those alliances also fold when someone sneezes, so that can be fun. And then all that, “Hey! I’m calling for elections, oh, tomorrow!” thing is fun. Who is it that grills the PM in England? That’s always a good time. It’s kinda Lord of the Flies in the sense that all these Proper People get to be Common.

I kinda like how the 1st-runner up in the US used to be vice president. I have no idea how well that worked then or how it would work now, but I think I’d be making a lot of popcorn.

@I’m passing for white: Wrong Woody. Woody A. is the one with the stepdaughter thing. Woody Guthrie wrote Plane Wreck at Los Gatos more commonly known as Deportee – a song even more relevant today than when it was written.

@ Passing: Isn’t it called “Ask the Prime Minister” or “Question Time”? During the Blair years I loved to watch it on Sunday nights on CSPAN, preferably with a bottle of wine or joint. The Ess Eff Board of Supes and voters passed a resolution calling on the Mayor to do Question Time with the Board. Mayor McDreamy was to chickenshit to do it, current Mayor Ed Lee does it. Fun to watch.

@SanFranLefty: <3

@Walking Still: Derp. I think I saw a show about him on PBS. Sorry. That Arlo kid is kinda a douche, though.

@I’m passing for white: Sokay, any chance to repost Woody Guthrie material is a good thing.

I sort of agree with you about Arlo. His signature song/movie Alice’s Restaurant played a part in opening the eyes of a number of second generation hippies (like me). However, seeing it 40 years on – which I did recently – reveals a persistent vein of smugness.

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