We’re Leaving the Internet for the Next Five Minutes to Take a Piss

[The Verge]


Who is this Paul Miller guy and why should I care?

@ManchuCandidate: He’s a geek blogger for a major tech website pulling a stunt for a book contract, and we’re supposed to care because it challenges all our presumptions about—

Fuck that. He’s just an asshole.

There is no way in hell I could stay off the Internet, cold turkey, universally. It’s how I work both the day gig as a flak and in the freelance job as an arts and entertainment writer, how I stay in touch with people and how I find out what the hell is going on in the world outside of the lamestream media. I did do an experiment in going off of social media for a week, but seriously, fuck this dude.

@rptrcub: Yeah, fuck him. It’s like saying you aren’t going to use zippers for the next year: you could probably do it, but who cares?

Mike Lee might as well have written this. Wait. Did you hear that tree fall?

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