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What was that we were saying the other day?

There was a long moment when we pondered our immediate fate as a Nice White Oregon Boy in the Wrong Los Angeles Neighborhood.

Meet Caine. Caine designed and runs a cardboard game arcade. In his dad’s auto-parts shop.

In East L.A.

Caine’s too young for us to have met him when our van stalled on an East L.A. overpass fifteen years ago. But in the alternate-universe version of our story, the one where we descend from the overpass and all our fearful preconceptions are proven hilariously wrong, he would have been part of our Excellent Adventure.

Caine’s Arcade

You make it hard to be bitter and jaded sometimes, Noj.

@Tommmcatt Wears A Hoodie Daily: I collect Karma Coupons so I can cash them in later.

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