White Nationalists at Dow Jones’ Marketwatch?

Say it isn’t so! “[Peter] Brimelow is already rallying to the defense of Derbyshire and Weissberg, but with any luck he’ll be able to land them jobs at MarketWatch like he did another of his white nationalist collaborators – Edwin Rubenstein. Rubenstein, an economic consultant, is a frequent contributor to MarketWatch and [white nationalist website] VDARE.” [Right Wing Watch via LGF]


@ManchuCandidate: a lot of the whackjob ultraconservative neocons are Jewish. And it looks like the VDARE site is now cached. Roaches run when you turn the light on.

I can understand that, but that would be like me joining the KKK. IIRC history of racism in US America, the Jews (or the Irish or the Italians for that matter) were considered “not white” until recently… ie when black people decided they had enough of that bullshit and got “uppity.”

It reminds me of an Onion Headline: Japanese make alliance with White Supremacists in well thought out plan

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