Fuck Ann Romney

What the Rude Pundit said: “Ann Romney has lived a privileged, pampered life and she has done nothing that anyone would associate with a “job,” and that includes her stay-at-home mothering, readily assisted by nannies and servants. She has a degree in French from Harvard and her major activity is dressage (which, apparently, is some fancy horse thing involving riding crops and jodhpurs and jaunty hats). Rosen was addressing Mitt Romney’s remark that he listens to Ann on economic issues affecting women. Mitt Romney getting advice on the economy from his wife is like him getting foreign policy advice from Seamus, the roof-riding family dog. (Although, if you think about it, “Shit yourself until someone hoses you off” isn’t bad advice for a nation.)” [The Rude Pundit]


It’s Betty Draper! The mormon version.

A little harsh with the headline here, no?


God no! A most appropriate headline, to be sure. Very eye-catching… and fitting.

Thank you, Blogenfreude!

@mellbell: Thought about that, but 1) she’s thrust herself into the spotlight; b) she’s been coddled all her life, and III) she supports a gutless candidate who will do any stupid conservative thing to gain reelection and will fuck up the federal judiciary worse than GWB, which is the real issue. And Austrian warmbloods? She is damnably to be blamed.

Harvard Extension School, not Harvard College.

@mellbell: And another thing – when Mittens says he’s going to “get rid of” Planned Parenthood – an organization that saves women and children’s lives and Ann doesn’t stand up and say “not on my watch”? Fuck her. Guarantee she’s used birth control at some point in her life.

And let’s face it. This scandal is 100% manufactured. Every election, the GOP does what it can to arrest the ever widening gender gap by playing to the emotions of the one group of women who consistently vote Republican: stay at home moms. We saw it in 1992 when Hillary Clinton made her “I could have stayed home baking cookies like Tammy Wynette” comment and the GOP pounced. What’s most depressing about the scandal this time around is that it’s a scandal at all. After all, Hillary Rosen is not the candidate’s wife. She’s not the candidate’s advisor. She is simply a talking head with no official connection to the Administration. Nonetheless, the GOP managed to pump her comments into scandal of the week affair that was in some nebulous way associated with the President. And why? Because of a compliant national media apparatus that is all too willing to validate ridiculous GOP talking points.

If the Democrats want to make inroads with stay-at-home moms (which is probably a dubious proposition, given that current economic realities dictate thath stay at home moms are either wealthy Ann Romney types or home schoolers) I would suggest that they focus on GOP promotion of “Stand Your Ground” laws around the country. Surely there are political points to be gained by criticizing legislation that would seem to encourage the most base, vulgar and violent traits in society. Surely even conservative stay-at-home moms have concerns about legistalion that basically to legitimizes public gunfights as a way of settling scores.

@Serolf Divad:
I think Mittens just made the Demrats point for them and ruined it for the GOPers.

Wealthy stay at home moms (white obviously) = good
Poor welfare queens who are also stay at home moms (mixed bag, but based on dog whistles of the past… not white) = bad.

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