There’ll Always Be a Beeb

[via The Big Lead]

Dude looks like one of my college roommates.

I totally want to be a Rasputin impersonator.

I don’t get the alt-text.

His hair looks pretty kempt and voluminous.

This man is awesome and muyst be respected. Swamp Thing, people. Hellblazer, V for Vendetta, The Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, and, of course, Watchmen. He’s the closest thing we have to an Orwell or a Huxley nowaday, and I will not stand for your mockery of his buggy-looking, weirdo-beardo demeanor. It is meant to intregue you on an intelectual as well as an olfactory basis.

@I’m passing for white: I think Tommmcatt answered your question. Sort of.

@nojo: I’m not so sure.

Cousin Update:

Cousin is convinced that his soon to be ex wife is making lesbian porn. He decided to go to [street with all the peep shows] to search adult video stores to try to find a tape she’s in.

Me: [Cousin], if she’s making porn, it’s on the internet. You just want to see naked women.

Cousin: No. I’ll find her.

Me: Really, you’re not going to find a tape of her anywhere, especially not here.

Cousin: I’ll look at the back of the box. They have all their names on there.

Me: They use fake names.

Cousin: They’ll have a picture of her then.

Me: You really think so? Happy hunting!

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