I’m the NRA, and I Shit My Diapers

“Karen and I are life members of the NRA and we wanted to announce today that I talked to Chris and now Bella is a life member of the NRA too. And I hope it’s a long life.” —Rick Santorum today at the NRA Convention. Bella is 3. [BuzzFeed]


NRA Life Membership = $500
NRA annual membership = $35
Total annual NRA dues f0r Bella through age 73 = $2,450
Total savings with Life Membership: $1,950 . . . which Bella’s parents can use to buy her a Hello Kitty AR-15, hearing and eye protection and some .223 cal. ammo.

One of my friends actually has one of these.

@redmanlaw: It’s highly unlikely she’ll live to 73, she’s the one with Trisomy-18. Her parents are disgusting excuses for human beings.

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