In all the distraction of Breitbart dying, Rush Limbaugh opened his trap yesterday.  After a Georgetown University law student was infamously prevented by Republicans from being the one woman to speak at the opening panel at the hearing on contraception coverage, she spoke at a “counter-hearing” organized by Rep. Nancy Pelosi about the issue.

Apparently that tied Rush’s knickers in a big knot, and on Wednesday he denounced this young woman as a “slut” and “prostitute” for wanting birth control pills covered the same as any other medication by her insurance plan.  Yesterday he called on her to make a sex tape and post it on the Internet to compensate taxpayers for having to cover her pills.

We shall see what insanity spews out of his hole today, but what Nojo said about Breitbart made me realize I can’t wait to speak ill of a dead Rush.

[SF Chronicle]

So Rush is calling for free online porn–all the better to masturbate to. If only he’d wear a coarse sandpaper glove while doing it.

When Rush takes viagra his wife takes a roofie. It’s so much easier that way.

Just more evidence that there’s nothing so offensive that it will get a right wing talk radio host reprimanded, let alone fired.

2006 Viagra drug bust returning from Dominican Republic center of Western Hemisphere drug SEX trade, including child prostitution?
Someone please take a crate of asprin and shove it past his knees and up his ass.

My, isn’t Rush lithe and willowy in that picture?

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