Catholic Girls

At long last, here’s the line that everyone’s quoting:

Among all women who have had sex, 99% have ever used a contraceptive method other than natural family planning. This figure is virtually the same, 98%, among sexually experienced Catholic women.

The line is from a Guttmacher Institute study that draws from the same data as the CDC survey we reviewed yesterday. Apparently women in the survey were asked about their faith, but the CDC didn’t report it. And while the Guttmacher study has drawn its own attention and criticism, we just can’t find the details in its report that support its assertion.

We don’t necessarily doubt it. But it’s only eight pages, and skimpy on tables. The CDC report weighs in at 54 pages, with tables galore. Show your work, people!

But while we were there, we did find this: Of women age 20-24, 75 percent of single Evangelicals have done the deed, while 86 percent of other Protestants have gotten freaky.

And young single Catholic women? 89 percent. You go, girls.


The question I’d like to ask is how many Catholic boys were titillated adversely affected by those plaid uniform skirts.

Can’t speak for Catholic boys, but more than a few of us non denominational types were.

Although I have to admit not anymore because it’s just too creepy at my age.

Now I’ll have Zappa stuck in my head all morning.

I think the Catholic schoolgirl issue was dealt with in Putney Swope.

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