2016 is shaping up well.

In an ironic twist, when Romney fires santorum at Santorum Romney gets splashed with santorum which seems to make Romney romney himself.

In case you’re wondering, this was not made by Stephen Colbert. Or the Onion.


You’re suggesting that Santorum can distinguish between frothy mix and mud? Between shit and Shinola?

Random thought for the day: The recently unveiled Obama-Biden bumper sticker and the flag of Luxembourg — separated at birth?

@mellbell: yeah, but teapublican’ts can’t pronounce luxembourg or find it on a map. it sounds french though.

if it comes down to obama and santorum, how tactfully will obama mention google and santorum in the first debate? will obama visit google headquarters and mention santorum?

this just gets too easy. no politico sign since the swastikafication of the x in nixon will be more fun defacing than santorum’s. a fresh sharpie oughta do the job.

@jwmcsame: Obama’s going to debate from Olympus. He won’t do the Frothy Cheap Shot — and I imagine an Obama-Santorum debate would be remarkably civil.

How Barry handles Mitt’s incessant lying is another matter. “There you go again” is the obvious reference, but I don’t see him doing that. But I’ll bet they’ve already been gaming it for months.

Back to Santorum: the thing is, Obama doesn’t even need to mention Google. Just point out, civilly, the uncivil things Santorum stands for. He’s not as off-the-wall as Newt, but he’s by no means mainstream, either.

@nojo: I would say that Santorum is the more extreme of the two: if by ‘extreme’ one means living in fantasyland. Newt is just pandering. He doesn’t really care beyond upping the speaking fee. I think Santorum actually means it. Plus pandering.

As to the ‘debates’, if it’s Rick will his entire lovely family be standing behind him trying to stay awake?

@DElurker: Dave Mustaine is such a fucking fuck up that he got kicked out of Metallica in the mid-80s for doing way too many drugs and excessive drinking, for which he carries a lot of hate. In recent years he lost and regained the use of his hand, freaked out over his past occultism and got way religious. His latest record is “radio friendly.” I’m glad now I’m not going to his show in ABQ on the 26th even though Lacuna Coil, Volbeat and Motorhead will be there.

He didn’t let his purported convictions stop him from sharing many festival stages recently with Slayer (Hell Awaits, South of Heaven, Angel of Death, Seasons in the Abyss, etc., – they have issues with religion) and Anthrax, who’s new CD has a flaming pentagram on the cover. (I bought that one but not the new Megadeth.) Metallica should play Holier Than Thou for him next time these bands, the Big 4 of American thrash metal, play together. In 2010 Big 4 band members would all get together on stage and play “Am I Evil?”

Mustaine’s current tour mates, the Italian goth-metal band Lacuna Coil have a song called Heaven’s a Lie. Hypocrite piece of shit. Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil is known to be pretty open minded about stuff, so Mustaine’s bullshit has got to be bothering her.

BTW, a Megadeth VIP package with a backstage meet and greet/photo opp costs about $250.

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