It’s Kickoff in China

Pete Hoekstra, last seen generating His Own Private Meme a few years back, is now running for Senate in Michigan, and spent $75,000 yesterday on a Very Special Local Super Bowl Ad:

The 30-second ad was filmed in California and never mentions China directly. It opens with the sound of a gong and shows a young Asian woman riding a bike on a narrow path lined by rice paddies.

“Thank you, Michigan Sen. Debbie ‘Spenditnow’,” the smiling woman says in the ad. “Debbie’s spent so much American money. You borrow more and more from us. Your economy get very weak. Ours get very good. We take your jobs. Thank you, Debbie ‘Spenditnow’.”

While you’re fomenting your outrage, we’re just wondering: What Asian-American actress would agree to do that?

Five Political Ads Featuring Asians Dancing On America’s Grave [TPM]

In other news, The Onion strikes again, this time felling yet another unsuspecting Republican.

I’m on the UCLA campus. It’s so peaceful. I’m not leaving.

Jesus, they may as well have tacked on a “me love you long time” for good measure. No wonder my rellies in Western Michigan are so effed up when they’re exposed to this kind of horseshit.

Does anyone reminisce for the time back in the ’90s when it was the Japanese who were gonna take over the US? I guess it will be the Koreans’ turn to play the lead in “Yellow Peril” in about 20 years.

Our local SB ad was this tribute to E.T., brought to you by your local supermarket monopoly. All those expensive SFX are surely gonna translate into still higher prices on the shelf.

I look at this like I look at the conservative shit that pops up on the Stinque ad – I applaud that actress for taking Pete’s money, and I hope she got a lot of it.

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