It’s Halftime on the Internets

We may not have the Stanford band to entertain us, but the Series of Tubes are busy today, first off with this Romney Family photo making the rounds.

Okay, okay, it’s a fake:

But still: A damn good fake.

Meanwhile, in Louisiana, Republican Congresscritter John Fleming falls for the oldest trick in the ebook:

We’d like to thank everybody for giving us something to work with today besides Gisele Bundchen.


Oh , you mean this John Fleming? :)

(Now back to my regularly scheduled lurking.)

I suppose Tommy really loves Gisele, since she now looks like his grandmother.

@finette: On behalf of the half-ass Stinque welcome wagon, may I say, please come back, don’t hide and lurk! If nothing else, we’re big animal fans here and want to see more photos of the puppeh who is your avatar…

@matador1015: Ouch. I figure it’s all karmic backlash for him dumping his baby-mama Bridget Moynihan when she was pregnant and Gisele saying she felt “like the real mother” to Tommy’s kid with Bridget because said toddler spent a weekend in Boston/NYC w/ Tom and Gisele. I hate the Giants, and they kept the 49ers out of the Super Bowl, but as a good southern girl, I like the Manning brothers, so I didn’t watch the game but secretly rooted for Eli.

@SanFranLefty: I don’t like Coach Belichek because he really dodged a bullet some years ago when his staffers got caught videotaping an opponent’s practices. I’m convinced he still does it, but less conspicuously. Plus, he’s kind of a dick.

And Brady’s attitude suggests that he’s Ben Rothlisberger, but with better connections. For me it was anyone but the Patriots to win.

R Money huh?edgerrin james used to call Peyton Manning: P Money. That makes Eli: E Money and Archie: A Money. Now the Moneys have a new member of the cash clan.

@SanFranLefty: Thanks! That’s Lola. She often looks very solemn in her pictures, but she’s really quite silly.

I mostly lurk on most sites I read, but since this crew is a bit more…intimate than most, I just feel like I should apologize/explain when I pop up once or twice a year like a ground-rodent. :)

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