Goes Great with Corndogs

Before you leave Iowa, never to return to that God-soaked land until the 2016 Preznidential Cycle beckons, might we interest you in dropping by the Pizza Ranch for a final meal? They serve a delicious! chicken dish the locals call “Santorum Salad”.

[via TPM]

TJ/ Oh! New Amazon doohickey!

Oh! Maybe not. Faked me out.

Now see, I liked Iowa City when I played there on tour with the gayest show I was ever in. It was so gay we had our own float in the Pride parade. It was so gay they told us to tone it down in Miami. I would sometimes go out with the boys to a local bar where it was the rapture in reverse: the locals couldn’t figure out where the hell we’d come from or why we were there but everyone seemed to be up for a spot of worship. Anyhoo, in IC we played a local arena and the boys from the Sport team got jobs as dressers and we all had a grand time. (I’ll explain about dressers some time) I liked the town. Like Laramie, it’s a place where I could see myself living. It was Toledo I found strange. Who could forget the restaurant offering a Bucket O’ Spaghetti?

As to the picture, being the proud father of a pack of dogs I clean up stuff like that all the time.

@Benedick: Storm Lake, Iowa with ex-BF (now a Paul Ryan devotee).

At the 4th of July parade, I was stunned by the fezzed and generously-sized men avec asses stuffed into tiny firetrucks smaller than Hotwheels. I was the brownest person there except for the “diversity” float with one Indian kid (like, from India). That kid reappeared on a few more floats, and I was like, okay. Deja vu.

That kid and I were the only brunettes, and people kept asking my ex, “Where’d you find the Italian chick?”

Pretty place, though.

ETA: “Hair balls” should be called “Hair turds next to or in your bed.” Just sayin’

How can they call it Santorum Salad if there’s no real Santorum in it?

Isn’t this false advertising? Is the state AG looking into this?

From the department of That Didn’t Take Long: Santorum salad has its own twitter page.

Programming notice: Iowa Caucus open threat thread at 8pm ET.

Alyona Minkovski of Russia Today just did a featurette about the Santorum Salad. Given that all she has to do is read the phone book to get my attention, this was a nice moment. A surge, if you will.

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