What Passes for Brutal

“Devastating!” shrieks the Center for Public Integrity. “Both barrels!” crows TPM. “Absolutely brutal!” raves WaPo’s Greg Sargent.

What is it? Why, it’s the new Mittens SuperPAC ad they didn’t want you to see, at least not minutes after it was posted and quickly taken down. As you can tell from the samizdat version somebody else uploaded, It unleashes the Dogs of Hell upon Newt Gingrich and mercilessly shits him out the other end.

Unless, of course, it just recites a few commonly known facts.

Look, folks: We’re as invested as the next Lefty blogger in wanton Eleventh Commandment violations, but have some restraint. “Team Romney attacks Gingrich in new campaign ad” is about all this one merits. Save the hyperbole for the good stuff.


If Democrats have a shred of common sense they’ll run ads demanding Gingrich return the 1.6 million dollars that Freddie and Fannie paid him to “help engineer and oversee the catastrophic housing market bubble that wrecked our economy.” And they’ll nail him 24/7 for being the hired gun who helped Freddie and Fannie grease the wheels of the housing crisis in congress. “Give the money back” the ads will demand, “after all, that’s the taxpayer’s money.”

The notion that Freddie and Fannie caused the housing crisis is complete bullshit, of course, but t also happens to be an article of faith among conservative Teatards and the GOP elite and gets plenty of play on the airwaves as a consequence. So in an act of political jujitsu the left should turn the GOP’s bullshit machine against them, use it to fuck Gingrich hard and mercilessly.

Of course the ads need to be funded by a seemingly nutral-to-conservative third party… let’s say: Americans For Free Market Prosperity.

I can see the stories already:

Contacted for this article, Americans for Free Market Prosperity President Serolf Divad had this to say:

I’m not going to nail Gingrich to a cross. That would only feed his oversized ego, since that’s likely where he feels he belongs in the first palce. No. I’m going to cover him in the bullshit he spews, I’m going to hold him up against that cross, and I’m going to wait ’till the shit dries and he’s stuck to it.

It can only be a matter of hours before the Gingrich camp strikes back with revelations that will shock the world: Romney uses hair product and when he makes personal appearances… he wears MAKE UP!!!!!!!

Uh huh.

Or how about Newty’s role in Operation Iraqi Liberation?

Oh right, these are GOPers who think it’s a success.

@Benedick: I hope so. This internecine backbiting on the right cheers me up immensely.

When some of the big money super PACs start ignoring the truth about both Newt and Mitt and begin making shit up (see Swift Boating) in their 24/7 ads I’ll pay attention. So far this has been a GOP pillow fight. The only real damage that anybody in the herd of Republican candidates has done is to him or her self. Newt and Mitt aren’t really trying yet. With any luck both men will win a few early primaries and things will get really ugly. My money is on Newt when the mud starts flying, because he likes it better.

Wow, a link to buy my very own DVD of “Atlas Shrugged” on the Not the MSNBC ad. Sweet! What’s it cost, about a quarter?

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