We Found the Liberal Mole at the Wall Street Journal

Dorothy Rabinowitz on Newt Gingrich: “His greatest asset lies in his capacity to speak to Americans as he has done, with such potency, during the Republican debates. No candidate in the field comes close to his talent for connection. There’s no underestimating the importance of such a power in the presidential election ahead, or any other one… Mr. Gingrich’s qualifications all ’round could well make him the most formidable contender for the contest with Barack Obama.” [WSJ]


Off-topic, I’m posting this just to bait Benedick. Bruce Ratner was fired / quit as producer of the Oscars for saying “rehearsal is for fags.” Eddie Murphy quit as host, apparently in solidarity.

@redmanlaw: Hey, Iverson without practice was still better than most guards with. And the pro level seems more like a high-priced pickup game to me than does college ball.

Poor GOP shills… they’re like the guy who’s falling off a cliff, reaching blindly for anything to hang onto but only managing to snag a series of fragile vines.

Was Dorothy typing with one hand? (It’ll come to you.)

@Dodgerblue: Rehearsals are for fags. I know. I’ve been there.

@matador1015: While dreaming about Newt’s ‘formidable contender’.

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