Tales of the Smoking Man

So, is there a Vast Liberal Media Conspiracy to keep Herman Cain! from the White House? His smokin’ campaign manager has proof!

Herman Cain campaign manager Mark Block, in an appearance with Sean Hannity on Fox News just now, insisted that a relative of the second woman to publicly accuse the candidate of sexual harassment in the 1990s works at POLITICO.

“Her son works at POLITICO,” Block said of Karen Kraushaar, whose name POLITICO printed earlier today after other media outlets made her identity public.

As it happens, Josh Kraushaar was indeed a Politico reporter last year.

But by a nutty coincidence, Josh Kraushaar and Karen Kraushaar are — wait for it — unrelated.

Cain aide wrongly insists they’ve ‘confirmed’ accuser’s son works for POLITICO [Politico]

There are 57 Kraushaars working in Politco today undermining “freedum.”

The confusion is understandable. People often mistake me for Mike Lee.

Wait… Herman Cain is wrong about something? I call bullshit. There’s just no way…

Details, details, it’s the thought, not the details, that matter.

OT, but this is just a small example of why electronic voting machines are not to be trusted.

Elections Superintendent David Painter said an accumulator programmed to tally votes cast on touch-screen machines spat out grossly erroneous results. A recount will be conducted at City Hall on Thursday, but the new, unofficial count has Sunday sales passing 369 to 331.

“We had to revert to using a calculator,” the superintendent said.

Painter said he realized something had gone wrong when he got home Tuesday night and saw that the results would mean nearly 1,500 ballots had been cast, when the true number was closer to 700.

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