Vote or Die Trying

And another Nice Old Lady finds herself the victim of the GOP voter-supression scam:

Ninety-one-year-old Virginia Lasater has voted and worked in campaigns for some 70 years. But Wednesday she ran head-long into the barrier Tennessee’s new voter photo ID law is throwing up for some elderly people.

Care to guess?

Recently moved to Murfreesboro from her farm in Lewisburg to live with son, Richard Lasater, she registered to vote Wednesday at the Rutherford County Election Commission office but that afternoon found herself facing long lines at the driver’s license testing center in Murfreesboro. She’s never had a photo ID on her license, even though she’s still capable of driving and goes to Sunday school.

Getting close…

Aided by a walking cane to get around, she quickly decided she couldn’t stand up long enough to wait and her son could find no chairs available for her to sit. Richard estimated at least 100 people were in the building, and workers were “way overworked and way understaffed.”

So: For some reason the Tennessee DMV doesn’t have the most efficient customer-service operation, which is truly Shocking! given the high standards set by other DMVs nationwide.

And if you need that photo ID to vote, well, that’s the price we pay to make Democracy safe for Republicans.

After long wait, no seat , voter, 91, quits on ID [Murfreesboro Daily News Journal via ThinkProgress]

Some of us are beginning to doubt the Cloud. We have 2 drafts waiting and wonder if God is aware.

@Benedick: Unless He receives an email, God hears only those who pray in public.

Mine keep coming back to me, oh great one, as undeliverable. Since we humble stockholders subscribed to iCloud email has been mostly iFucked. Just tried to dismount but had all my emails from since I was a lad in a sailor suit sitting on uncle Catt’s knee deleted, which is not good. I had to return to iCloud but am wobbly.

@Benedick: All my email runs through some form of Gmail, which plays very nicely with the Mac, iPhone and iPad. (Including the new notifications, which I love-love-love to death.)

Prior to iCloud, Apple’s Internet offerings have been less than stellar — not just their email, but iWeb. And you, you’re stuck with The Great iCloud Migration, which only makes things worse.

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