We don’t do formal meditation well — too much, um, formality — but should you need an escape from today’s incessant coverage of the Iowa Straw Poll, Talibunny, and Deranger Rick (we’re working on it), you could do worse than stare at a five-minute video on manufacturing pencils, each and every one of which is more intelligent than any candidate you’ll hear from.

[via Wired]

Oh, NOJO, you missed the perfect opportunity to make a pun: “…each of which is sharper than any candidate you’ll hear from.

I wouldn’t call it a fetish, but I have an extreme fascination with industrial processes, and I could watch this show until I wasted away.

Well that was nice. Personally I use a mechanical pencil of which I’ve made a fetish and have been known to cry when it can’t be found. (Dear God, that is some backward passive upside-down voice)

I checked to see whether Faber pencils are treated in Gravity’s Rainbow, and they are not.

I am a huge fan of Ultimate Factories – watching them build a Ferrari 599 is amazing.

I love this damn show, the Canadialand version. The US version suck ass. Maybe because we don’t make much more than broken dreams here now.

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