The GOP We Know and Love.

Boys need Daddies.Hooray! Today, in answer to our prayers we have the first sex scandal of the 2012 presidential campaign.

Email rendezvous entangles state Rep. Phillip Hinkle

He’s a Republican so we can take as given: he’s married with children; is staunchly pro-family; has introduced at least one resolution to have In God We Trust put on license plates, cigarette packets, kitchen rolls, etc; is vehemently opposed to any gay rights proposal and likes to troll craigslist for young men in need of a ‘suggah daddy’.


The fact that the boy’s sister cussed Hinkle out over speakerphone then drove to the motel and cussed him out in person significantly raises the diaper quotient.

You’d think that by now all these Republican gay secks scandals would be just as exhausting for them as they are for us.

Greatest random commenter’s suggestion for the GOP’s new motto:

“In Boys We Thrust”

The entire internet has been won 4evah. That is all.

+1 Diaper for his wife calling the kid on Hinkle’s BlackBerry and threatening him and sis.
+1 Diaper for the kid then calling all of Hinkle’s relatives and telling them he’s gay.
+4 for the usual sordid anti-gay GOPer getting caught trolling for gay sex.

I’d give it 6 Diapers.

I like the wedding ring shining in the IndyStar article.

@¡Andrew!: I thought the sister aspect gave this an ironic twist. Family values, don’tcha know.

I sometimes wonder if they don’t have a secret competition to see who can pull off the most ludicrous scandal and if they get prizes.

@Benedick HRH KFC: I’ve heard that people who need people are the luckiest ones of all.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Speaking of, I watched Funny Girl recently and was disappointed. The sets, costumes and cinematography were phenomenal, but Barbra Streisand had absolutely zero chemistry with Omar Sharif. She had oodles of chemistry with herself tho.

Give Megan Gibson a TV show. What style, busting in on a GOP closet case and cussing him out for trying to turn her brother into a prostitute.

@¡Andrew!: She’s not very good. I can’t stand the voice. Don’t say anything or they’ll take my card away. But she’s mostly a tiresome narcissistic bitch. Poor Sharif could never act a lick so put the two of them together…

Sydney Chaplin created Nicky on stage and while she was singing would pass by her and mutter “You’re flat, you cunt.”

We’re going to watch Midnight. A comedy about what happens to Cinderella after the clock strikes 12. John Barrymore is hilarious.

@ManchuCandidate: But there’s this:

Hinkle, 64, lists his occupation as coordinator for community partnerships for Wayne Township Schools on the Indiana House website

+1 diaper for a total of 7. I can’t decide if telling a kid who had no idea who he was that he was a state rep should add or subtract a diaper for extreme stupidity.

@Mistress Cynica: One wonders what school partnerships this guy coordinated. NAMBLA?

@Mistress Cynica: Anyone but a republican and it would certainly count. As it is you kind of expect it.

@mellbell: His wife? Not so much … she stayed married to a bigot/sociopath.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Just did a search … as far as I can tell he has yet to resign. Calling the whole affair a “shakedown”.

@Benedick HRH KFC: She was fantastic with Ryan O’Neal in What’s Up Doc?, but I don’t think I’ve seen any of her other movies.

@¡Andrew!: Are you sure you’re gay?

@blogenfreude: As did Reckers and Craig.

Come on, people, +2 diapers for Hinkle. It’s like the name of the lead character
in a Don Knotts movie.

TJ/Still mostly incommunicado. I will say that Cats has
found a spiritual successor in Mama Mia. More later.

@¡Andrew!: You’ll lose your card talking like that, heretic. I say that with love.

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