Sarah Palin’s Mosh Pit

You may have heard that Sarah Palin is back on the road, and by an amazing coincidence has turned up in Iowa, where, we’re learning, all the citizens are equipped with video cameras and boom mics.

Clever people are using this as evidence that she’s really running for President, and is just being too coy to announce yet, while other clever people are using this as evidence that she’s rushing to sell a few more books before her clock runs out.

We have a third theory: Something like this is a lot more fun than dealing with her daughter-in-law’s miraculous three-month pregnancy.

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Does this make her the Acid Queen? See Alt Text.

Why does it need to be anything more complicated than her wanting attention and going where she knows she’ll find it?

none of the teapublican’t candidates can win no matter whose jalopy survives their demolition derby. they all know it. they also know that campaigning beats working, that’s why they keep at it. the teabaggers have not been milked dry yet. each loser also qualifies for the consolation prize, a well paid long term gig at fox noise spouting more nonsense than they are spewing now. the only one who won’t get the fox noise gig is the next white christian male who loses a presidential election to a black man with an african/arabic sounding name in this country dominated by white christian males. see, they’re not running to win. they’re running to lose. losing pays better and has no requisite responsibilities to uphold. remember most teapublican’ts blame mccain, not palin for losing to obama. welcome to the 21st century gop, where it pays to lose.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: An expert’s perspective:

“I’m a singer. You know what a singer is? Someone with a hole in his heart as big as his ego. When you need 20,000 people screaming your name in order to feel good about your day, you know you’re a singer. ”

– Bono. BTW, the just completed 360 concert tour has entered the books as the most biggest ever. The boys pulled in about $750 million over about 2 years on the road, minus last summer when Bono was recovering from back surgery.

“looking to fill the God-shaped hole . . . ”

@jwmcsame: “Fuck Romney” shirts available for Tea heads at cafe press:

@redmanlaw: the teabagger candidates have fucked up the teapublican’ts so bad that romney and even neutered gingrich seem somewhat sane in comparison. perry is w all over again and he’s not named bush. when i first heard w try to speak in 1999, i thought there was no possible way (without cheating) that he could win. perry could pull it off unfortunately, especially if he finds the keys to the diebold ballot stuffing machine. what a crying shame. a lunatic who threatened to secede from this country is now a strong candidate for the teapublican’t nomination.

TJ: what do Catt and my wife have in common? They both like this: “The new masculine ideal is trim but not thin, muscular but not top-heavy.” -Details Magazine

@Benedick HRH KFC: That’s an interesting idea. There’s a Victoria’s Secret near my office.

Speaking of narcissistic psychos who talk to invisible people, apparently Bachmann is every bit as OCD as one would expect.

@Dodgerblue: Dee-tales has made several valiant efforts are promoting healthier male body images. In the 90s and early 00s, they really tried to make chest hair OK, and around 08 they were advocating less ‘roided, more normal-looking workout goals. It all bounced off the ad industry unfortunately.

Colbert nailed it: “Apparently Sarah Palin’s version of the Bat-Signal is anyone else’s spotlight.”

@mellbell: Like a moth before the flame.

A school board client has a former tribal pageant winner among its members. I think the beauty queen thing cuts across cultures.

Her appearances will become a Republican tradition just like Harold Stassen’s appearances every 4 years.

@redmanlaw: I interviewed a former pageant queen/law student for a legal assistance job overseas. I was dumbstruck – every one of her answers in English (bilingual interview) sounded like a pageant response, and her head seemed out of proportion to her frame. I’m talking seriously large. Great posture, though.

She didn’t get the job.

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