Colossus Astride Iowa

One candidate was conspicuously absent from Thursday night’s Republican debate. A candidate beloved by the base, feared by opponents, who could really blow this race wide open.

We’re speaking, of course, about Thaddeus McCotter.

[via Political Correction]

His campaign team is the “Sweathogs” right?

He’s got my vote. The fuel button clinched it.

On second thoughts: is he going for the bitch vote? Hints about plastic surgery, plugs? Who? We want names, damn it. I mean, we realize that Michele got sand-blasted, we’re not blind, but who else? Damn. I’m going to have to send him money now so he can stay in the race.

Plus, Fred Karger wasn’t invited even though he totes met all the qualifications apart from being straight. He’s appealing to the FCC. Or the AAA. Or NASCAR or something.

On the bright side, he did not place dead last in the all-important corn kernel vote. (Sorry, Buddy Roemer.)

@Benedick HRH KFC: Gotta be Mitt, right? He’s looks like he’s trying too hard to look like he’s not trying too hard.

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