Our guest columnist is National Review’s Frank Miniter, who is totally not gay.

With London succumbing to looters and muggers, it’s time to ask what happened to the once-manly English people. The August 9 issue of the Daily Mail, for example, includes a photo of a young man taking off his pants on the street as an impatient looter waits with the emasculated Briton’s sneakers and shirt already in his hands. Luckily the feeble Englishman chooses boxers over briefs, but I can’t help wondering if men such as T. E. Lawrence, Winston Churchill, or Lord Acton could have stomached the state of manliness in this generation of Englishmen.

England Used to Be a Country of Men [NRO]

One gun blog calls it “the place where Great Britain used to be.”

Who’s watching the Republican debate in Iowa so I don’t have to?

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: No one.

This is the single dumbest piece I’ve read among many many dumb things.

Put three generations out of work, have the banksters loot the economy, treat immigrants like shit and see how well you do. And I would have thought the rioters were exhibiting exactly the ‘manly’ virtues this prique extols.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: I’ll probably have it on as white noise, but I don’t plan on paying special attention. 9 pm ET on Fox, to spare anyone else the trouble of finding the schedule.

These riots have really sparked quite the pseudo-fascist circle-jerk, haven’t they? They’ve probably had to start handing out moist towelettes at NRO to keep the place tidy… ;)

From his blog:

Frank Miniter is also the author of The New York Times’ Bestseller The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide, Recovering the Lost Art of Manhood. He has floated the Amazon, run with the bulls of Pamplona, hunted everything from bear in Russia to elk with the Apache to kudu in the Kalahari and has fly-fished everywhere from Alaska’s Kenai to Scotland’s River Spey to Japan’s freestone streams. Along the way he was taught to box by Floyd Patterson, spelunked into Pompey’s Cave, climbed the Gunks, and graduated from the oldest private military academy in the U.S.

Over compensation.

@ManchuCandidate: And Guiness record-holder for World’s Tiniest Penis.

@ManchuCandidate: Climbing “the Gunks” makes you a tough guy? Wow. I did that when I was 16, and I’m a girl. I must be totally butch or something.

@ManchuCandidate: fly fished everywhere, huh? i too fish for rainbow trout here in east tennessee. but i use a spinning rod and reel with a worm on the hook and a half a mini marshmallow on top to float the bait off the bottom a bit and entice my dinner to eat it’s last supper. i catch trout to eat them and i do it with as little expense as necessary. i don’t waste hundreds of dollars on prissy waders, a cute little hat, 30 fake bugs that i could easily catch for free, and some cluster fuck fly rod and reel that i spend more time unfucking than fishing. i also don’t waste money on lodging at a cramped phoney bed and breakfast crowded with old fat dudes trying to prove they are rugged out doorsmen after spending their whole lives behind a desk living up to other peoples rules and expectations. only unmanly little boys would read a book about recovering manhood they never developed enough to lose in the first place.

@ManchuCandidate: You don’t hunt “with” the Apache. You pay big money to hunt on the Jicarilla Apache reservation in New Mexico or the White Mountain Apache reservation in Arizona:

The “Jicarilla (offer) four different early elk hunts to non-tribal members on its 850,000-acre reservation. The late-September archery hunt costs $4,750. The first any-weapon hunt tags run $6,250, the second any-weapon hunt tags $5,250 and the third any-weapon tags $4,750. You must also hire a tribal member as a guide on your hunt, with guide fees varying from $500-$1,200 for a 5-day hunt.

White Mountain: “These hunts aren’t cheap, however. Prices are $15,000, plus a $3,000 trophy fee for a bull . . . ”

San Carlos Apache, Arizona: ” . . . the cost is $25,000 for top-end trophy elk hunts . . . ”

I personally have fly fished in Alaska, Oregon, No Cal, Arizona, New Mexico and Florida. “I’ve been here, I’ve been there, I’ve been every fucking where. So what, so fucking what?”

@jwmcsame: Ever read Howell Raines, “The Redneck Way of Flyfishing?”

I’m still somewhat beside myself with this big girl’s blouse’s account of the evacuation of the BEF from the beach at Dunkirk when Britain was more or less alone without any functioning allies, FDR still trying to find a way to get the Republicans to do their duty.

As Gore Vidal once memorably said of Teddy Roosevelt, Never trust a sissy with a gun.

@al2o3cr: Where else would one expect to find anti-gay RepubliKKKans?

@redmanlaw: sorry for any offense to you about fly fishing. i guess it wouldn’t make much sense to sit on the river bank in alaska with a can of corn, bag of mini marshmallows, or night crawlers with grizzlies lurking about. i’ll read dude. growing up, i had neighbors who both parents were marines. that’s right, momma was a female marine. dad was a d.i. one of the kids was fishing with his dad in the creek out back. the kid tossed a little pebble in the water. his dad told him not to do that again. he did. dad the d.i. tossed the kid in the water after the pebble with a real swift grab and toss move he had obviously used in vietnam or elsewhere quite often. i ran away.

@al2o3cr: dude started out saying he could only be a one night sugar daddy for a mere $80. once the word got out though, he upped the ante to $10,000 for some hush hush.

@jwmcsame: None taken. I was merely comparing my meager fly fishing credentials to Mr. Manly Man’s.

I watched that military documentary, Full Metal Jacket. Does that count?

@¡Andrew!: i killed a cow with a buick sylark by god. out manly that.

@jwmcsame: My friend got an elk with a Ford F-150, but I think your Skylark trumps that.

@redmanlaw: thanx for correcting my spelling. a sylark might not work too well

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