Keep Your Damn Furry Fantasies to Yourself

“Bert and Ernie are best friends. They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves. Even though they are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics (as most Sesame Street Muppets™ do), they remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation.” [Sesame Workshop]


Oooo, Homofascist is going to be pissed.

Add: They can deny it all they want, but those two have chemisty. The sexual tension in some of those skits is insane!

Maybe it’s best if the nice people at Sesame Workshop don’t learn what Rule 34 is…

Asked for comment, Tinky Winky exclaimed, “You tell ’em, sister!”

Well, there’s always fan fiction. Isn’t that right, Mr. Spock & Cpt. Kirk?

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