Or, Y’Know, the Nation Would Have Rallied Behind Him

Joe Klein: “If [Obama] had cited the 14th Amendment and simply ordered Treasury to pay the bills, he would have been impeached by the radical Republicans. This would have guaranteed that the next 16 months would have been overwhelmed by an even worse version of the silliness visited upon our nation by the poisonous Limbaugh-Tea Party nihilists.” [Time, via Political Wire]


I’m afraid to say what I’m saying: Can we any longer doubt that radical Republicans will continue to surpass themselves in evildoing? Klein may have called it. Of course there’s worse to be done than impeachment. I try not to think about that.

@lynnlightfoot: This new debt ceiling deal and upcoming budget talks mean that we’re gonna have a new Tea Klux Klan hostage crisis about every six weeks thanks to Nobamar and Harry Reid’s keen negotiation skillz.

@lynnlightfoot: i try not to think about the evil doing is, in large measure, due to pandering to the stupidest voters in the land. so many!

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