Your Plutocracy At Work

While you’re hearing today about the “$3 trillion deficit-reduction plan”, here’s the NYT chart from a week ago showing the (largely unpaid) costs of Bush and Obama policies. Just by coincidence, the wars and Bush tax cuts top $3.2 trillion.


But Bush isn’t a Kenyan socialist.

I’d love to see an economic rebound caused by a massive increase in guilliotine production.

Ok, I’ve been more or less living in a cave for the last few days. What the hell happened? Did Barry give away the farm to the ‘Baggers in exchange for a handful of shiny pebbles or something?

@IanJ: Shiny pebbles? HA! Try bag o’ dog shit.
One of the things pissing me off most: while the Republicans are bragging that there will be no tax increases, Barry agreed to let the payroll tax “holiday” expire. So taxes will go up for you and me, but thank god the millionaires’ “job creators'” Bush tax cuts are still in place. Also, no extension of unemployment benefits. Too bad the “job creators” aren’t, you know, creating jobs with all their glorious tax savings.


More or less. And the bonus is, after all this dicking about trying to get the teabaggers to accept a resolution short of “and then everything GOES BOOM!”, we get to start all over again with the 2012 BUDGET! Yay!

Just read Krugmann’s take. I’ll be in my cave if you need me.

@IanJ: Plant some potatoes before taking shelter.

@al2o3cr: At first I wondered why Agence France Presse would do such a thing.

Where is Benedick today? One hopes that the dogs are OK.

Since today’s nooz is simply unbearable, he’s a photo gallery of Hugh Jackman shirtless.

@¡Andrew!: OK, you drove me to this, here is a fetching pic of Hope Solo.

We’ve got a little somethin’ for everyone!

@¡Andrew!: Women of the IDF! The one blog where it’s OK to say “I love your bazookas, baby” because they do in fact carry and use bazookas.

@Dodgerblue: Han Solo’s daughter is awesome. And she’s, um, passionate about her job.

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