With an Intervenor Like Orly, It Has to be Good

While the rest of America has been fretting about, um, real issues — or at least made-up issues with very real consequences — WorldNetDaily has remained steadfast in its investigation of the Kenyan Usurper:

Computer scanning expert Doug Vogt and typesetting expert Paul Irey say they will accompany attorney Orly Taitz when she presents to the Hawaii Department of Health a subpoena that should allow her to examine Barack Obama’s original 1961 typewritten birth certificate.

If you recall the knee-jerk reaction after Barack Obama released the long-form certificate — you’ll be forgiven if you’ve forgotten, since he took out Public Enemy #1 a few days later — it was provided to the public as a PDF file, which Birthers rushed to inspect and deconstruct.

And in the same manner that folks proved that the Dick Tweet couldn’t possibly be Weiner’s wiener, Digital Experts have declared that the PDF is a malicious construction, rather than containing simple scanning artifacts.

WND has provided screaming headlines about this daily, which we’ve been ignoring, because sometimes you just have to let go. But now that America’s Favorite Demon Dentist is on the case, it might be worth microwaving some popcorn. Lord knows we could use the distraction right about now.

The birth certificate please! Subpoena to be delivered [WND]

What court is the subpoena from? 2nd Martian Court of Appeals?

Distraction RIGHT HERE! You’re welcome. Keep an eye out for Ryan Lochte.

@Dodgerblue: Heh. Oh, I’ll find you some chick swimmahs. Later.

So help me out here: Is this a typical subpoena? All scrawly? Can anyone get a subpoena for any old shit. I don’t see a judge’s signature. Do you only need a clerk of the court signature? WTF! Does she have a civil suit against Obama in Hawaii?

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: He? He? Did you scroll down? There are like a milliondy swimmers and divers in Speedos b/c the swimmers can’t wear those shark suits anymore. And some of them are sporting (OMG!) body hair. Not Tigger-Wu furry, but they look quite nice. I’ve been loving Ryan way before the Phelps (well-deserved) hype. Ryan. Yummy! And a mutt like me! Yummyyummyyummy!

ADD: Who has weird nipples, and what’s weird about them? I just went through the whole page again, and I don’t know who you’re talking about. (Please no nipplefoot lady, nojo.)

TOMMMMMM! The Singapore water polo team is in their Speedos, too. You should see where they placed the crescent…

@JNOV: What? !?!?! Where?!?!?! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PROVIDE A LINKY!!!!!!!!!

ADD: Yum, there it is. So…pretty…hngh…

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Heh. Oh, I missed your response. Love their flag placement. Man, have you ever seen more Girdles of Adonis in one place? Okay, you probably have, but this is just heaven! I need to get to the pool more.

Hawaiian Airlines is running some specials to Honolulu from SFO. Maybe I could go watch the freak show, and work in some dinners at Alan Wong’s and sushi at Nobu and that crazy-ass fucking awesome place next to the soccer shop across from the Safeway north of the Honolulu Zoo.

@JNOV: I don’t know who it is, it was the first picture (I didn’t realize there were more — I was so shocked by the way his nipples went in instead of out the way nipples are supposed to go that I abandoned that ship rapido).

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Oh. They look fine to me. I think his chest hair makes it hard to see the areolae, but his nipples aren’t inverted. This is an inverted nipple.

What the hell, is this nipple week?

Heh. At least the one I linked to was, linked to and not not hidden after a jump.

Taintz and the Winklevii are representing the US in the NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP Olympics.

We’re the ones being rickrolled though.

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