From the Gutter to the Sewer.

You know how when the press shows up at the front door when you’re trying to scrub the hard drive of incriminating evidence and goes all like — Gotcha! how annoying that can be?

Turns out…

I can’t. This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard of. I can understand how it could happen. It explains the hair.

Here is the Guardian’s account.

You can find the BBC radio report here.

Leave aside the politics this is how Murdoch’s paper used for its own purposes a woman whose daughter had been abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered. Note to Americanski readers: ‘Sara’, the mother’s name, is lower class. On the BBC tape her words are read by an actress.

In the UK class is race.


Just fucking horrible.

In US America (and to a lesser extent in Canada City) class has always been about race, too.

The problem is that a lot of poor white people got it in their pointy heads that their white skin (and the rich white people keep telling them that) could make them upper class (or middle class) if they only had MONEY while being brown, black or yellow even with money is beneath them… actually brown and black.* They’re not. Not even close.

I learned this lesson long ago in all places, Korea. (Oh sweet Zombie Jeebus, not Korea Camp again!) I was sent kicking and screaming to Korea Camp for lazy foreign born Korean kids located in Seoul. Being a yellow dot in a sea of white, I though I would fit in there because they all looked like me. Nope. I was ostracized as the country hick weirdo with white friends. My sister and I learned this quick unlike our parents who haven’t figured that out yet.

*Us yellow and some Indian folks aren’t generally not lumped in because the wave of Asian immigrants that landed in NA from the 60s-70s was probably the smartest immigration wave in the history of mankind which explains in part we filled up your maths and skienze classes.

@ManchuCandidate: This is why I have always hated the term “White Trash”, not only because it is classest and derogatory, but because it implies that brown people are automatically trash from the get-go; no further modifier is necessary.

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