House Debt-Ceiling Vote Expected Soon

Boehner: ‘Beyond My Control’ How Ratings Agencies Treat My Debt Limit Plan [TPM]

He looks like he’s been doing some heavy petting with Jim Beam.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Yeah, that old guy can’t get his pistol up.

I just read that the House vote on the Boehner bill has been delayed because he can’t get the teabaggers to vote his way.

@Dodgerblue: TPM:

The House vote on Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) debt limit plan has been postponed. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) office suggests they will try for a vote this evening, possibly around 7 p.m. ET.

Last I heard, they were aiming for 5:45.

Looks like Boehner’s goin’ down. And not in the good way.

He looks like he’s putting away major amounts of spiritous liquors. Which makes me wonder why he hasn’t shown up here.

Coming up on 8 p.m. ET, no action. I’m switching to World Domination HQ for the bloody finale.

The new prez spokesbot is a rank amateur.

@nojo: Isn’t it the job of the Whip to round up the votes? Who is that for the Rs?

@Dodgerblue: Kevin McCarthy (CA-22)

ADD: Kern County. Who was talking about Bakersfield earlier?

Apparently the House named some post offices today. So there’s that.

Former home of JNOV and the Jr. Blech.

@nojo: Who?

@Dodgerblue: Who?

Oh, they like Teles. Pftt. AND they’re Okies? So odd that Okies are treated so badly in fucking Bakersfield. Cool ghost towns around there, though. Lotsa prisons, too.

ADD: Oh. I know who they are. They seem okay. Merle married Buck’s ex? Okay then!

@JNOV: Buck Owens, co-host of Hee Haw with banjo maestro Roy Clark.

@nojo: Who? I get Hee-Haw and Laugh-In confused. Which one had Minnie Pearl?

Not-MSNBC ad: “Send a message, stand with Boehner.” In the corner, apparently.

@JNOV: Hee Haw. It ripped off the Laugh-In format and applied it to country music. It also replaced the Smothers Brothers after CBS canned Tommy’s ass over Vietnam.

@JNOV: Hey, I got a Tele. For some applications, it’s the guitar you want. Just ask Keef.

@nojo: I LOVED The Smothers Brothers! That was one of my first crushes, but I can’t remember which one. Probably the bald guy.

@Dodgerblue: Teles are ugly.

9pm ET. Do you know where your caucus is?

@JNOV: Mine is the orange one on the bottom of this page: I get lots of compliments on it.

@Dodgerblue: Not bad. I think the bulbous bit turns me off. I like Strats, so it’s not like asymmetry is a problem. Teles just look weird to me. I couldn’t even describe the sound or how it varies from other git-tars.

I was watching some documentary, I think it was about Les Paul, and they said that basically all you need for a solid body is a 2×4 with strings and some sort of pick up, but 2×4’s are kinda ugly and unwieldy. Maybe I was watching American Masters. Hmmm…I want to watch whatever that was again.

@nojo: So, what’s the word, Thunderbird? Do we need to send the GOP this tutorial?

@JNOV: Les’ first prototype was exactly that — a 2×4 with strings and a pickup.

@Dodgerblue: Cool cool. Didn’t Les have some sort of falling out with Gibson over the SG? I think he designed a model or lent his name to one, but he ended up hating it and removing his name.

@Dodgerblue: His picks look weird, or he’s got them in holders or something. I cannot use a pick to save my life. I tell myself it’s cuz I’m tactile (blahdeeblah) and I need to feel the strings. Yeah, I need to feel the strings so I know which ones to play. I don’t know how you can develop a feel for where they are with that pick between you and the string.

10pm ET. Dementors seen flying about Capitol Hill, ready to feed.

@nojo: Buck Owens. Is he the blond guy with muscles got tied up a lot? In the spandex? So he suffered?

@JNOV: That was OK, bur I preferred Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle.

@nojo: Boehner, Whip fail. Sounds kind of nasty, doesn’t it?

Guess they all wanted to make it home in time to watch Jon Stewart and feel like victimized and persecuted saints.

Meanwhile, have I said lately how much I have a nerd-crush on Bernie Sanders?

So I haven’t had the stomach to follow Our National Psychosis today. Has Harry Reid been fed his balls yet?

@¡Andrew!: HA! It’s funny because Harry Reid has no testicles.

@¡Andrew!: No.

Reid was always going to table the bill, so he was able to sit out today’s circus. The Repugs are doing some late-night regrouping — there’s chatter of eliminating Pell Grants, because they need to kick a puppy — and they may yet pass something tomorrow.

After which the Senate tables it, and then we see what deal the Demrats cave for.

We need parliamentary roolz.

Plus more Aaron Schock taking his shirt off. That’s not superficial: that’s all he’s got (I’m wondering if he might hanker for a career in musical theatre. I already got a nibble from Norqwest. He’s all How To Succeed changed his life and made him a striver when he got drove in from NJ Helltown to see the SHOW. Too bad all his buddies said it was like total fag to go see fags dancing around the national debt.

I got nothing. I am ferklempt.

@JNOV: Here’s a video of Pete Townshend using a Schecter Tele-style guitar that he favored in the early 80s. Won’t Get Fooled Again is generally associated with the Les Paul (see The Kids Are Alright) because of its blown out riffing. Even on this recording you can hear that the sound is thinner, more “toppy”, even with two humbucker pickups on board. The Schecter page on some Who site said Pete wanted a lighter guitar about that time. Les Pauls, as you know, weigh a lot.

He used my fave guitar, the Gibson SG, for the awesomeness that was the Live at Leeds/Isle of Wight period in the early 70s before Tommy came out. Santana used one around then also, I believe.

I don’t care much for the Strat body style, although I have a copy of one. To me, a Tele with a small head stock is thing of real beauty and I love the sound, all trebly and country music sounding. But I love putting my DS-1 stomp box on 11 and ripping out big fat power chords and fast scary sounding noises inspired by Slayer. I better go to bed before I pour a drink or two and plug in.

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