Boogity Boogity Boogity Amen!

Joe Nelms thanks God for his smoking’ hot wife in best NASCAR prayer evah!

And Piers Morgan remains defiant about the whole middle class thing.


Hi. Ummm…. I know I haven’t been around, but… I just discovered The Blaze and I think I may die of a heart attack. At the very least, I’m having a panic attack. It’s like an alternate universe. There’s… there’s SO MANY OF THEM. And they’re all stupid. And really, really sure of themselves. I don’t know what to do. I want to write replies, but I know that never works. But these people need to know they’re WRONG. They’re like, really wrong. Like, way, way wrong. What the fuck is that place??

Boogity boogity boogity Amen? I need to add this to my repertoire of stoopid expressions.

@RomeGirl: Hey! Imma msg you on FB, Woman. (I have no idea what that blaze thing is.)

here’s some original nascar, daddy’s cup by the drive by truckers

@JNOV: OK! And DON’T GO TO THE SITE. It’s strange and creepy.


Re: the Blaze – “you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. And teabagging.”

I’d be interested to see what his “smokin’ hot wife” looks like, see if it fits my idea of smokin’ hot, or if she looks more like somebody featured in “People of Walmart.”

@WaltTrombone: Werd.

@RomeGirl: You must never reply. Unless it’s to curse them out. You can never shift their opinions and your ‘input’ only makes them more convinced they are right. People here talk about the Know-Nothing party – they were mental giants compared to this lot. They make me think of the Dancing Crazes that swept Europe in the 13th cent. People danced and couldn’t stop. Others saw them and joined in till they danced themselves to death. Great long columns of them danced from town to town screaming and yelling about the end of the world.

Oh, and if you should come across a striped scarf on the floor of that sushi bar in terminal three at Heathrow (aka. Hell) hold on to it, it’s mine.

@RomeGirl: And whatever you Ladies do, DON’T BITE THE APPLE!!!!

@Benedick HRH KFC: You are brave to eat sushi in an airport.

@RomeGirl: I, like my mother, had never heard of The Blaze until this post. So, I popped over to the website (after a quick Google search. I never go in completely ignorant, y’know) and it just. I have the BEST trolling response to one of the posts, but I just can’t bring myself to go through the trouble of signing up and all that. It’s just not worth it.

@WaltTrombone: he means smokin hot in pilgrim terms.

DBT is maybe the best American band now. Puttin’ People on the Moon is one of my all time favorite songs.

@RomeGirl: I promise I won’t. I’ve dealt with enough idiots today. Two more are on their way.

@Jesuswalksinidaho: no shit. i love finishing up a case of busch light listening to the dirty south cd over and over again. how bout some early christmas music from DBT. mrs. clauses kimono:
check these lyrics:
I’m a sinister elf,
With a sinister plan,
Santa’s little helper,
With too much time on my hands,
He’s got a fine lookin’ wife,
For such an old man,
I can see her lookin’ at me,
When there is no one else around.
And I’m countin’ down the days to December 24th,
The old mans in his sleigh,
I am sneakin’ in the back door,
She asks if I know what the candy cane is for,
While he’s slidin’ down the chimney,
I’ll be comin’ back for more.
Not really worried ’bout the old man findin’ out,
‘Cuz me and Rudolph worked the whole thing out,
It’s not about vengeance or anything like that,
I just want a little sex,
And the old man off my back.
Rudy’s out for blood,
‘Cuz he hates the fat old man,
‘Cuz he caught him in the stables with his fat little hands
On a female reindeer he likes named Wynona,
And the last thing he wants to see is Santa on her,
So we’re loadin’ up the toy sack with heroin and crack,
We sent Santa off to Georgia,
He ain’t comin’ back,
And we call up an evil green Grinch,
To tell him Santa’s holdin’,
And they’ll have him on the chain gang,
And the electric chair,
The electric chair,
And there’ll be a happy ending,
All you girls and all you boys
There won’t be no more Santa,
There won’t be no more toys,
There’ll be no stoppin’ Rudy and Wynona,
And I’ll be taking off Mrs. Claus’ Kimono
I’ll be taking off Mrs. Claus’ Kimono
I’ll be taking off Mrs. Claus’ Kimono
I’ll be taking off Mrs. Claus’ Kimono
Merry Christmas


The Blaze is the only site I’ve ever encountered that might actually *deserve* to be raided by /b/tards…

This is his boogity boogity smokin’ hot cat huggin’ wife’s eHarmony video (no gheyz allowed).

@al2o3cr: TRUTH. Srsly, WTF.

@Benedick HRH KFC: I did actually sign up to reply to one dude who said that all people on SS and Medicare/aid are 30-year-old drug addicts (?), and so I explained that my 67-year-old mother, who has a debilitating joint disease and who lost her pension when the hospital she worked for went bankrupt, needs those entitlements to survive. I’ve yet to hear a response.

@JNOVjr: I would LOVE to troll them, but they don’t engage – they just do the Internet version of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers point-and-scream, which is no fun.

Since nobody’s mentioned it yet, The Blaze is a Glenn Beck Production, which explains everything.

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