The Best Part of Waking Up is Insecticide in Your Cup

Everything you ever wanted to know about coffee, but wayyyyy too fast if you’re only on your first java of the day.

Coffee: Greatest Addiction Ever [Grey’s Blog, via Daring Fireball]

I’m one of those freaks who don’t go near the stuff. I drank too much instant coffee and threw up soon after (I was a poor student and it was 4 am… BTW the stupid is implied)

Caffiene does either too little or too much.

That is the ugliest penis I have ever seen in my life, over in the ad over there. Why does it have a little crew cut?

@ManchuCandidate: There is no good instant coffee, although Star$ has come pretty darn close. I’ll drink the stuff with cold, microbial water when I’m in the field, I needlike coffee so much. I had a good friend describe me as a “caffeinated sloth”.

Yesterday I drank no coffee during the day aside from the two cups I made at home before work. Two cold green teas during the day, and I felt clear headed and productive; in short: fine. Of course, I was also asleep by 9:30…

I was ON TOP of MY FUCKING GAME this morning after TWO TRIPLE CAFE AMERICANOS. Then I crashed and I was incoherent in the afternoon. Mrs RML forgot to drink hers this morning so I drank it in addition to mine and holy shit, what a ride – for an hour or so.

I’ve posted the video here of Canadian army guys getting all tactical while making instant coffee in the field, have I not?

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