It’s Okay to Play the Race Card if You’re a Republican

Herman Cain to Sean Hannity about a Daily Show clip: “And I said well Sean first of all if [Jon Stewart] really thinks that I’m serious about a bill only being three pages, the joke’s on him. And I said secondly, as far as him mocking me, look I’ve been called every name in the book because I’m a conservative, because I’m black.” [ThinkProgress]


Everything’s okay if you’re a GOPer.

@ManchuCandidate: Republicans are learning well from Palin: The quickest way to fame is self-victimization.

Kinda destroying that whole “personal responsibility” brand they claimed they were, but so be it… like anyone in the MSM (or any demrat) will ever call them on it.

@ManchuCandidate: Precisely — it’s an about-face from what they claimed twenty years ago.

But even that was manifestly phony, a means to undermine legitimate complaints about enduring discrimination in the Land of the Free, and to defend their own enduring bigotry. (See “States’ Rights”.) It’s more useful now to claim martyrdom against the Forces of Liberal Evil.

To be fair, it gets tiresome to call out Republicans for situational hypocrisy. Fish, Barrel, Gun.

This has been Alan Keyes schtick since forever: “White liberals hate me because I’m black… they’re the true racists, not conservatives, blah, blah, blah.” And shortly after some white southern Republican governor will issue a proclamation honoring the Confederacy and attack the 60’s Civil Rights movement as an un-American exercise aimed at correcting a non-problem and we all sit back and Keyes will slink back into obscurity once more.

I too have been called every name in the book. But that’s because I’m an asshole.

@Benedick HRH KFC: I reached a new low in assholery with a co- worker this week and, adding to my shame, she approached me to talk it out when, by rights, I should have approached her. Unlike Pizza Man, I have nothing to blame this on but myself.

@Dodgerblue: You’re not shifting blame properly. Rethink this in a way that puts her in a bad light. Clearly she wants something and is not to be trusted.

@Dodgerblue: make sure to laugh at yourself when others describe what you really acted like. that makes up for everything most times.

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