Bad Faith Bears

Chuck Schumer, levying a bold charge against Republicans in January 2009:

“If they oppose even something so suited to their tastes ideologically, it shows that they’re just opposing anything that helps create jobs,” Schumer added. “It almost makes you wonder if they aren’t trying to slow down the economic recovery for political gain.”

Oops, we’re sorry — that was yesterday. What we meant to say is that Rush Limbaugh showed his hand in January 2009:

“I hope Obama fails.”

The GOP strategy from the start has been no secret: Prevent Barack Obama from scoring any political or practical victory, by any means necessary. The Party of No didn’t emerge from Principled Opposition — that’s no Democrat healthcare reform that barely passed, and that’s no Democrat cap & trade program that failed — but from fear that if Obama actually fixed the economy, his re-election would be guaranteed.

Hell, Mitch McConnell would have taken a bullet for Osama bin Laden, just to stop Obama from getting credit for the hit.

But it’s not news that Republicans have been throwing America under the bus for nearly thirty months. (Not to mention the eight years preceding.) What’s depressing is how much Democrats have let them. Everybody knew that the Stimulus was not only insufficient, but overloaded with tax breaks. Everybody knew that health-insurance companies were both profiteering and inefficient. Everybody should know that the filibuster is an evolutionary accident with no basis in the Constitution, and no place in a Democracy.

And it’s only now that Chuck Schumer is sounding the alarm?

Oh, right. Big election next year, that magical time when Democrats come out of their shells and pretend to care. They’re not that different from Republicans in their obsession with power, y’know. Democrats are just more passive-aggressive about it.


A day late and a dollar short. Why do Democrats wait until the 11th hour to point out the obvious? They should have been hammering the GOP with this from the get go as a way to bully their agenda into passage. Now it just sounds like the Dems are making excuses for a lackluster economic recovery.

The democrats suck at the game of politics… mostly due to their cowardice, I’m afraid.

One other obvious fact for Schumer: The media has been asleep at the switch when it came to pointing any of this out, in their ongoing search for missing white women and racy scandals. This is what Jon Stewart was trying to point out to Chris Wallace.

On conservative radio host Neil Boortz’ show this morning, presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich concocted an almost endearingly farcical explanation for his campaign’s latest woes, saying the media targeted him because he was best-positioned to beat President Obama. The media desperately wants to reelect President Obama, Gingirich said, and thus he was their “worst nightmare.” “I didn’t think they would realize this early just how dangerous this campaign is and go after it so hard,” he said.

I almost broke a rib laughing.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: the best way to end a nightmare is to wake up. wakey, wakey nuetered newt.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut:
Remember how much of Newt’s writing falls in the alternative history genre.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut:
Oh Newt… to use a NASCAR analogy… the car’s not even at the starting line but its got three flat tires, the engine’s shot and the back end is on fire… yet Newt’s still thinks he’s going to race.

I like that.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut:

“I didn’t think they would realize this early just how dangerous this campaign is and go after it so hard,”

Exactly Newt… that’s why everyone even remotely connected to your campaign has quit over the past couple of weeks… because you are the most likely to defeat Barack Obama.

The saddest thing about the newt Gingrich implosion (OK, the only sad thing) is that Gingrich committed political suicide by staking out perhaps the only sane position of his career: claiming on national TV that eliminating Medicare was too radical a proposal for the American people. It just goes to show you how insane the current GOP reall is, that this is what brought Gingrich to his knees politically.

@Serolf Divad: This is why Obama will be reelected: the R’s will nominate the teabagger equivalent of Osama bin Laden and the electorate will either vote Dem or stay home.

ps: I’m stuck in the Denver airport for a few hours thanks to United Airlines, whose motto is “we don’t know shit.”

@ManchuCandidate: or in the words of the immortal king of nascar, richard petty: “looks like he had one a them ricky rudd deals comin’ outta turn thray”

@Dodgerblue: We laughed at Reagan and at Bush II. As Manchu noted up above, the Dems still can’t walk on to the stage without wetting their pants because of abuse and cowering since 1980.

@Serolf Divad: i agree. what neutered said was sane. he was the only teapublican’t brave enough to say it. sly ole nuetered might have been staking out some independent territory knowing he has to some how stay in the spotlight for 2012 and even to 2016 to keep the cash flowing in. if the teapublican’ts go too far right and get smoked for it, neutered can stay on the independent sidelines in 2012 and use “i told you so” all the way to 2016. he can also say i was abandoned by the party that got smoked, when all the while he was the only one who had a chance by steering somewhat center from way far right.

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