James O’Keefe’s Crack-Pipe C-Note

Provocateur Ian Murphy, who played David Koch for Scott Walker, punks James O’Keefe with the offer of a $100 bill earned from “selling” crack pipes: “And he fucking took it. He took my crack pipe money, slipped it in his coat pocket, shook my hand and bolted back the way we came. I rode the elevator down to the first floor, cackling like an absolute madman. Best hundo I’ve ever spent.” [Buffalo Beast, via Raw Story]


Explain, now, does that mean a pipe with crack in it? Or a pipe in which to smoke crack?

As if “selling crack pipes” is somehow worse than the diabolical shit that the people who keep O’Keefe funded are constantly up to. Now, if his pitch was, “here’s a hundred I earned by selling my 8-year-old as a prostitute” we might have something to talk about…

In his mind, it’s all good as long as it goes in his pocket.

I’ll bet Jimmy Boy thinks he’s a pimp master. Problem is that pimps (as despicable as they can be) are never the chump.

O’Keefe needs to be in prison. Not Camp Fed, but real prison. And there’s a chance he’ll go.

@blogenfreude: Right, preferably in a supermax with hundreds of neonazi serial killers. But he got parole for the wire tapping attempt didn’t he? You think he could end up violating parole and being stuffed away?

@FlyingChainSaw: Parole doesn’t mean he won’t eventually be jailed. Patience …

@SanFranLefty: Do they drug test everyone on probation in Louisiana? They don’t in Massachusetts. Judge can make it part of the conditions, but they don’t do it automatically.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: To paraphrase a line from one of my favorite movies, Lone Star, “I guess The Man thought the cotton needed pickin’…” (BTW, I love, love, love that movie – it totally captures a weird mellow yet infectious South Texas vibe that is so true to life and the acting is off the hook…run, don’t walk, to rent it if you haven’t yet seen it.)

And is Mr. Naughty Pants O’Keefe on federal or state probation? Or on parole? And if on parole, state or federal? These are all different levels of the man breathing down your neck.

IOW, depends on the state, depends on vacancy at the prison, depends on whether there are any heinous stories in the press in the pass 6 months of parolees doing naughty shit.

@SanFranLefty: No, he plead down on the phone thing. Whatever his release status, even if it’s federal not state, I think it highly unlikely he’s going to have random drug screens as a condition in a non-drug-related case.

That being said, if God wanted to prove its existence, it couldn’t find a better way than to bring tiny dick boy to a very unpleasant end.

Hey! Where’d my edit button go?

I was going to say, also, too, I haven’t seen that movie. Is it on Netflix?

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Yes, it’s on Netflix, check it out. John Sayles went on to do a series of movies set in different states, this was his first one in the series.

@SanFranLefty: lone star is a one plot twisted, flash back flick. i feel like cutting the main plot twist loose here, but that would spoil it for everyone. so all y’all need to watch it. kris kristofferson is under rated as an actor and lone star among other flicks proves that. i know you’ve seen pat garrett and billy the kid, one of the three greatest westerns ever made. can anybody name the other two? also the soundtrack to pat garrett and billy the kid by bobby j zimmermann is some very good listening. give it a shot.

@SanFranLefty: I’m surprised — I thought I had seen all of John Sayles movies.

But then I thought I’d seen all of Jarmusch’s movies too, only to discover Dead Man last weekend.

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