Rick Perry, Touchdown Jesus

“Our normally reliable Republican source reports that Mr. Perry has surveyed the field and decided to get in the race later this summer, perhaps around the time of the national prayer meeting that Mr. Perry is hosting on August 6 at a Houston football stadium.” [WSJ, via Political Wire]


If I had any money, I’d invest in popcorn futures.

Scary. Rick Perry could win a “Best Stephen King Villian Be-Alike” contest hands down.

@SanFranLefty: Those idiots do more to turn people against vegetarians than they do to promote humane treatment of animals.

@SanFranLefty: I’m no Prom, but this begs the question: who would microwave a pork chop?

@Benedick HRH KFC DoS: Tell me about Oakley Hall? I’m watching The Loss of Nameless Things. I’ll take my answer off the air.

I will say it now in this space – Romney, Pawlenty, Huntsman, Palin, Bachmann, Gingrich, and the rest … none of them will ever be president. Bookmark this and mock me when I’m wrong … and I was wrong about the ability of Reagan and W to fool some of the people.

@blogenfreude: Oh hell yeah. Obama would have to screw up his campaign McCain style to lose this one.

On Top Magazine has a headline Rick Perry Aides Ready Response To Gay Rumors. Surely the were playing off the fact that Perry’s prayer rally in August is named “THE RESPONSE”

He has partnered with such holies of holies such as John Haggee, the International House of Prayer(IHOP), the American Family Ass. and other prominent LGBT haters.

If there is a god in heaven, Perry will have a Ted Haggard epiphany on stage during the rally.

@texrednface: Big post on that in the morning. Just finished writing it.

@nojo: Thank you. I am sick to my core this is happening in my home state.

@texrednface: Well, the Gay Rumors. Not the rally.

But to the latter: It would be fun to have a GOP candidate with a Preacher Problem.

@nojo: It would just be fun to have a Bush doppelganger in the race. Scary, but fun.

@nojo: Mrs RML, who is big on Texas politics, is unfamiliar with these rumors. Perhaps Jamie or Lefty could enlighten us.

tj/Tonight’s guitar sounds: like as if Television drank martinis instead of smoking lots of dope, plus unfocused REM. Still have no fucking clue about what I’m doing except that I recognize some sounds that I make.

@nojo: Well, to clarify, I am sick about the rally, not the gay part, except that if it were true that would make him the self-loathing kind that likes to torment everyone else and make life on earth hell.

@redmanlaw: As we’ll all learn in less than four hours! there really aren’t any rumors to be familiar with. You’ll be shocked! to learn why.

Or probably not. Although I think Mrs. RML will like the Big Reveal.

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