Other Incriminating Data Found on Your iPhone

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  • All your emails.
  • All your texts.
  • All your contacts.
  • Your complete web-browsing history.

  • Your pitiful Angry Birds scores.
  • Bookmarked penguin-tickling videos.
  • Stock-tracker for PHSL.
  • Ripped scenes from musical comedies.
  • Your Netflix queue of Ben Affleck movies.
  • Whatever it caught when you left the video on last night.
Senator questions Apple over tracking [CNN/Ars Technica]

I think the worst thing about this whole “Your iPhone records where you’ve been” thing is the why.

Advertising based on location. iAds coming to your iPhone soon. Imagine it nearing lunch time and you receive an SMS giving you the location of your nearest McRons.

And in case you were wondering, the consent for this is in the terms an conditions of iTunes .

@CheapBoy: Slightly more complicated, since the file seems to be logging cell-tower availability, which may be miles off from your actual location. Also, any app you install requires express permission to use location data. Apple’s not going to force pop-up ads on you without asking first, or they’ll face a major mutiny.

And the file itself? You can’t access it directly without jailbreaking your iPhone, or knowing how to get it from an iPhone backup on your computer. The data itself isn’t being transmitted anywhere.

Folks are freaking out (or cynically fanning flames) over a problem that’s incredibly minor compared to what I could find on your phone if I just swiped it from your back pocket.

I’m sure that if Steve thinks it’s necessary then it is.

/want shiny new stuff/

However, before going off to drown the dachshund – he’s still barking – I wanted to ‘share’ with you all this heartbreaking story. Sketchy it may be but… but what? Must it always be the children who pay for our folly?

As Phillip Larkin puts it:

They fuck you up, your mum and dad,
They may not mean to but they do.

When I get my iPhone 5 it will hardly matter – I leave the island of Manhattan 2, maybe 3 times a year. All they will learn about is how pathetic my existence is ….

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