The Sound Roger Ailes Makes When Donald Trump Drops By To Visit

So apparently Trig Birtherism is heating up, The Preznit of These United States said some Fine Things yesterday that we’ll wait to see translated into actual policy before we give a shit, and Teabaggers are collectively demanding to Keep Government Out Of Their Medicare.

But in weighing the relative significance of these stories against a Penguin Tickling Video, we’re reminded yet again how easily our editorial priorities are subverted.

Watch Cookie the Ticklish Penguin go viral in real time [Salon, via Sully]

As this blog’s main consumer of Hockey Sport, I would add that Cookie is the nickname of a Pittsburgh… Penguin. Matt Cooke, precisely. He is a horrendous goon of a player. He’s not playing right now, having received a 10-game ban (plus the first round of the playoffs) for a vicious elbow thrown at a New York Ranger last month.

So: I cannot endorse Cookie the Penguin.

I mean, I know, cute and such as. But also very sad. Why is Cookie living in Pittsburgh?

@chicago bureau:
I rather hate getting/seeing knee on knee hits (long ago some jackass nearly took me out that way) so I hate Matt Cooke out of principle. This is why I love this video:

As for the baby penguin… cute.

i needed that. thanks noge.
and don’t worry your caring head mums, i’m sure they’ll move cookie to where they think she belongs–a zoo.

@chicago bureau: I don’t really understand Hockey, and only mildly root for the ‘Guins because of the connection to the burgh, but as I heard someone say on a Sport talk radio show (about someone getting a detention because he stepped on another player’s foot): in a violent spectacle like hockey, where violence is 3/4 of why people tune in, wtf with banning players because of “foot fouls” but looking the other way on eye gouging, head punching, and sticks to the kidneys up against the boards.

Penguins are cool. I like the blue ones Down Under.

@baked: No worries. From the original YouTube post:

Cookie is a “Little Penguin” and the mascot of the [Cincinnati] Zoo Bird House. I shot this video while working there as a Guest Keeper for book research and for my blog, “Parrot Nation.”

I actually hunted that down (and the original video, not a repost) before running with it. I wanted to know why somebody seemed to be harboring a penguin in their kitchen.

@Benedick is not as stupid as he looks.: We have strict policies against abetting Penguin Deliquency.

What I don’t get is when did they stop being fairy penguins, and become little penguins?

And more to the point, why?

@CheapBoy: For the same reason we don’t call them Fairy Cakes any more.

But I did not know that penguins were fairies. No wonder And Tango Makes Three is the most banned book at our skules.

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