Who’s Afraid of Sarah Palin?

There’s a game being played in the blogosphere that we’ll call When Did Sarah Palin Lose It? The nominees for Moment Lost, working backwards, include the following:

  • Her self-pitying response to the Tucson shooting.
  • Her self-aggrandizing reality series.
  • Her daughter’s self-aggrandizing dance-show appearance.
  • The 2010 election, which popped the Teabagger Bubble.

(That last item is also an entry in the When Did Glenn Beck Lose It? game.)

The presumption underlying the game, which we have no interest in contesting, is that Sarah Palin has lost it. The latest evidence — aside from multiple polls showing her trailing the wingnut competition — comes from her weekend appearance in Madison, Wisconsin, which drew an audience of millions hundreds of tens of thousands, hundreds of whom showed up to heckle her, and which you didn’t hear about because nobody is paying attention to her, and did you hear that Trump says Bill Ayers ghostwrote Obama’s book?

Our own take, frequently expressed, is that Sarah Palin had no intention of running for President after she ran the Iquitarod in July 2009, but that maintaining the illusion of running — like Trump, like Gingrich — is good for business. The only question was how long that illusion would last.

We’ve decided to call it today.

Not for any specific reason, but for all of them.

We can’t remember the last moment anybody cared what Sarah Palin had to say about something, after the Tucson video. Sure, we’ve enjoyed her occasional contribution to the English language, but in the onslaught of Trump/Newt/Timmy/Mittens/Frothy Mixture — not to mention Crazy Eyes and the nickname-deficient Scott Walker — Sarah Palin has seemed like old news. Her inability to maintain the Tease has created a vacuum that others have been more than happy to fill.

This, honestly, surprises us. We thought she’d last until the eve of the Iowa caucus, when her glaring absence from the field would finally force the issue. We thought she would work harder at Pretend Viability, since her income depends on it. But she’s not even in the conversation these days.

In other words, Attention-Whore Sarah Palin has been Out-Whored for Attention. Maybe it’s time to finish our musical.


Not only out whored, but out smurted, 2.

I doubt she’s going to make the 12 Mil she made last year. From what I’ve read, she’s spent a considerable amount already. I foresee personal bankruptcy or financial fraud in her future.

As for the soon-to-be-recalled-gubbinar-of-Wisconsin:
Scott Walker, Koch Blocker

To this day her own birther issue haunts her,or is this a hoax as well? Show the long form Sarah.

i dunno…stay tuned, she may be molting.

She’s overstaryed her welcome.

Fame that’s based on being vaccuous tends not to last all that long. Just ask Paris Hilton.

Just a small town girl, grifting in a stupid world
Took the midnight plane going anywhere
Just a Koch toy, born and raised in south Madison
Rode the Tea Bag train now going nowhere

I seen her in an empty hall, a stench of cash and cheap perfume
For some bucks she can hog the spotlight

It goes on and on and on and on

She is as stale as last week’s sushi.

@texrednface: Excellent pieces! Brava/o. All Stinque should read this. I’ve believed for a long time.

I have said many times that the palin klan is gonna be lookin’ at some hard times real soon. Soon as all that money runs out. You know they’re not saving a dime, thinking million dollar pay days are guaranteed for life like rock stars and athletes. She’ll get kicked off false noise soon and if The alleged Learning Channel is the best you can do for that reality show bullshit, then you’re fucked from jump and too dumb to know it. Remember when The Learning Channel really was a learning channel with shows like Connections 1,2, and 3? Who’s gonna wanna hear her, hmmph “speak” after those two gigs dry up and the tea bags dry out. How fast will that alleged beauty fade when she really has to catch net fulls of stinking ass fish in freezing cold Alaskan waters for hard cold cash to pay the bills and not some image fulfilling fluff? Will the cameras follow her to the only health clinics that take the free state subsidized insurance she will be forced to accept? How many people can she support on her Alaskan oil royalties check? Such is the fate for the Palin Klan quite soon.

Speaking of the tea baggers, check out how the firemen in Florida welcomed them:

Used to be all republican’ts figured their support of the Saudi-Al Bush Klan, Darth Cheney and such ilk would result in lots of cash coming their way. Unfortunately, most came to find out that loyalty is a one way street with the likes of Bush and Cheney and no rewards were ever forthcoming. Bush and Cheney left the republican’ts drier than the whoville whos after the grinch finished up with them on christmas eve. The only ones dumb enough to still believe the very very rich will drive by in big black SUVs or fly over in blackwater helicopters and drop bags of cash on them are of course the teabaggers. They have turned their adoration and expectations of charitable wealth to Donald Trump who like NOJO said will milk those fuckers for what little they’re worth and work them like a borrowed farm mule. And then Donald will move on leaving only dried up tea bags in the trash.

The Wisconsin governor’s real name is Koch-Sucker Walker.

@jwmcsame: Heavy rings on fingers wave
Another star denies the grave
See the nowhere crowd cry the nowhere tears of honor
Like twisted vines that grow
Hide and swallow mansions whole
And dim the light of an already faded Prima Donna
Fortune, fame, mirror vain, gone insane
Fortune, fame, mirror vain, gone insane but the memory remains


@texrednface: Well, that certainly tries to connect all the dots. I’ve always thought it was a fishy story if for no other reason than a woman having her water break and leaking amniotic fluid is messy and noticeable.

But there’s one part of the “he’s Sarah’s grandson” story that hasn’t been explained – who’s the baby daddy? If it were Levi he certainly would have said so by now.

@texrednface: great article. I have wondered many times why the party of family alleged values did not milk the pregnant governor angle for all it could have been worth. There are no pictures of her pregnant. None. When famous Lady Vols basketball coach Pat Head Summit was carrying her son Tyler, she overwhelmed the sports pages here. Fans here bouts have autographed pictures of the coach with circles around her belly and arrows pointing to fetal Tyler who now plays for the mens team. You see, not only can she win more games than John Wooden, but she won 30 some of those games and recruited against the venomous Geno Auriamma pregnant. See the angle? If this hoax hadda been true, the republican’ts woulda milked the shit out of it. So, who is the real momma? I don’t believe it was Bristol. Her real teen pregnancy was of no concern to the Palins. I believe the real momma is Willow. Why the cover up? Because the real daddy is guilty of statutory rape. Willow was only 14 at the time and a Governor and V.P. candidate can’t be involved in a statutory rape case even if her victim daughter consented. Even an allegedly pregnant super woman couldn’t stand up to that heat.

@jwmcsame: The only problem with the Willow theory was she was going to school during that time. It was Bristol who was pulled out of school for the 2007-08 academic year and homeschooled ostensibly because she had mono.

@SanFranLefty: More credible than “Paul is Dead” fer sure.

@SanFranLefty: if i were a republican’t, i’d start calling you names for introducing reality into my fiction. sounded good though didn’t it? why didn’t the part about pat head summit get you to buy in?

seriously, how far apart are sarahs alleged kid and bristols alleged kid?

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