But I’m an Organ Donor, Officer!

“Gov. Sean Parnell’s appointee for the panel that nominates state judges testified Wednesday that he would like to see Alaskans prosecuted for having sex outside of marriage.” [Anchorage Daily News]


And he’ll be caught with a hooker in 3, 2, 1 …

“Organ Donor”

I see what you did there. One suspects this sort of law is more likely to be enforced on “organ recipients”… ;)

how about threesomes with the spousal unit? is that allowed?

@Capt Howdy:

I doubt that Haase would approve of anything other than missionary position, in the dark, for procreation ONLY secks.


no doubt

I agree with bf. you can start the countdown until he will be caught snorting meth off a boys dick

If it means we can put some Palins in jail, I say full speed ahead.

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