GOP War on Poor Wimmenz Advances

The House of Representatives has voted 240-185 in favor of Rep. Mike Pence’s amendment cutting off funds for Planned Parenthood.  The organization’s more than 900 clinics receive approximately $75 million a year in Title X funds to provide birth control, STD treatment, and cervical cancer screening to several million low income women each year.  The organization receives additional federal funds through Medicaid reimbursements for serving poor women.  No federal funds have gone to abortion since the Hyde Amendment was enacted in the mid-70s.

UPDATED: Couple of kick-ass speeches by female CongressCritters are posted after the jump.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) talks about her experience with abortion:

Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) goes after the canard that Planned Parenthood is engaged in racial genocide:

[Planned Parenthood Federation of America Donation Page]

@Benedick: Good for her. The comments on that story show how screwed we are with the complete failure of reading comprehension skills in the general public.

The House is now debating cutting $70 million (more than 20%) of the budget for legal services to the poor.


I’d love to see a Democratic rep offer an amendment that makes TANF eligibility contingent on each recipient letting Boner (or a delegated representative) shit on their head. I mean, why dance around the issue?

Related: Wyoming Senate leadership assigns abortion bill to Ag committee, apparently wimminz are livestock…

@al2o3cr: The House earlier this week voted to fund contraception for wild horses so apparently Planned Parenthood needs to rebrand (so to speak) or describe human ladiez as horsies…

Am at local chain coffee shop and overheard a couple of political types talking about the Senate race. First, they mentioned that Nappy-poo said she isn’t going to run and were apparently in agreement that it doesn’t matter because there is such an “exciting” field of candidates on the Dem side. These morons are making me glad I changed my registration to Independent.

More and more, I feel like the last sane person in the state of Arizona.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Do we need to snatch you off the street and deprogram you?

DEVELOPING HARD: rumors are swirling that Sarah Plain and Dumb is going to Madison tomorrow. Great.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Despicable. I’m glad that the WSJ helpfully linked to that douchebag’s blog.

Somebody’s taking a commanding lead in the Stinque Like Button Derby.

@chicago bureau: Puuuuhhhhhlleeeezzze, will you go up to Madison tomorrow and liveblog the show?

@chicago bureau: Will she ride in on a horse wielding a whip?

@nojo: Who would have thunk? Hey, I am putting up something in a few minutes.

@SanFranLefty: Be my guest. Plenty of clutter pour moi on the hack front today.

Oh, and Second-Place Likes are a dozen or so the other day. I forget which post.

Why do they keep pussy-footing around with little lib causes for $70M here or $100M there, when they could cut that from the Penagon, and the Pentagon would never notice?

@SFL: The rumor was ginned up by Secret Service types setting up shop. Which could mean Palin. But it could also mean Biden.

But also: tea partiers are going to the Square tomorrow. This is a long shot, but agent provocateurs on the right against Black Bloc anarchists just might get into it tomorrow. It’s been civil so far, but tomorrow you might see something different. I mean, the cops have been working double-shifts to keep a handle on things. That might slip.

So, no. Plus the villa needs to be fixed up and I gotta do laundry. No trip to Madison.

@SanFranLefty: In addition to the poor getting fewer legal services, it’s going to put a whole lot more people out of work. Like me.

@chicago bureau: I was thinking the same. Will we see 2nd amendment rights trumping right to walk about like a human?

i hit the “like button”
it appeared on my FB wall and i had to remove it. that is where i’m unmasked and where i pretend to be a normal person. here, where i’m under cover is the authentic me and i just can’t risk having those 2 worlds collide.
so happy though to see stinque growing! all hail NOJO!!!
and SFL, bloggie, etc……
(i know i would be recognized here. do you think i want my daughter and stepdaughter knowing about my cheating husband? my drug and alcohol problems? my arrests? i tell you people EVERYthing!)
let the lurkers like away and bring us notoriety!

@Mistress Cynica:
a horse with proper prenatal, birth controlled, counselled and pap smeared.

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