Just a few things that need go away in my humble (and often correct) opinion:

1) “back in the day …” – when?  The 60s?  The 70s?  June 22, 1874?  No – say “I remember when …” Say “when I was in my teens …” Don’t be a douchebag.

2) “robust” – it’s so Condoleezza Rice. People who use “robust” in a sentence also use “proactive” all the time. Fuck ’em.

3) “it is what it is …”. – No, often it isn’t.  String theory, whatever. It sometimes is not what it is, not as it appears.  What a stupid fucking observation. Don’t do it – makes you sound like David Fucking Brookes.

4) “take a step back” – use “reconsider” unless you like to be kicked in the ‘nads.

5) “circle back” – makes you sound like you’re in a bad Western.

6) this little fucker:

Canada, you already fucked us over with Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, and Avril Lavigne. Don’t make me call in an air strike.

7) people, mostly tourists, who walk 3, 4, and 5 abreast in New York City – hey, you shitheads: single file, spend your money, get a few parking tickets (we need the cash) and get the fuck out. And get out of my way!

8) rich assholes in Maybachs – Christ are these things ugly. Shitwit being driven around in this could have had 3 AMG 6.3 S-Class Mercedes for that 400k plus. And a Smart car.

9) ordinary assholes with SUVs they keep in Manhattan – no shit – see it all the time – fucking Range Rovers with the full rhino package. What’s that for shitwit?  Trips to deepest, darkest New Jersey?

10) Watson – why waste time and money building a computer to play a game show – how about a computer that cures cancer, or figures out how to get Teabaggers to understand the difference between facts and the shit Glenn Beck makes up?  And Toronto?  Are you fucking kidding me?

More later.


Three thoughts: (1) Bieber: rip the cover off the latest Rolling Stone and read about the Clash, (2) Bryan Adams: he is the talk of the town here in NotTibet because he’s going to play to 50,000 people in a stadium that only holds 20 k, but couldn’t give away tickets at a deaf meddle club back in Jersey, and (3) Manhattan parking tickets: we are legally prohibited from entering into foreign assistance agreements with governments that are delinquent in same.

Ooooo. Testy fun.

Here’s one: Fucking New Yorkers who come here and walk down the middle of the road in groups with a fucking stroller airing their Little Prince/ss and who dare to criticize one’s driving when one came NOWHERE NEAR!!!!!

I don’t mind Justin Bieber. I think he’s sort of adorable. Canada has done worse. The Kids in the Hall, for example. And that woman who was married to Salman Rushdie.

The computer in Jepardeee!. Only people old enough to know better could ever be surprised that a computer wins doing what computers are best at, assembling a database.

You’re right about Toronto. There is no excuse.

Also ‘absent’ when what you mean is ‘without’. “Absent my tongue in your mouth can it be called kissing?”


I found Bieber only mildly annoying till he broke out the Christianist nonsense:


“Everything happens for a reason” my ass, you little twerp. Does he even *get* to have an opinion on ladybits at his age?

@al2o3cr: He’s just a kid. However, slebs are entitled to have opinions on anything. That’s just how it is. His aren’t as offensive as, say, Britney’s. But remember. He will be punished.

Oh and also today in WTF??? I am going to need an explanation. I blame Mad Men.

Alt-text fail.

And btw can we add “vibrant”? Unless in reference to a dildo.

@Benedick: Holy crap. Does the model get extra pay for wearing silly / godawful clothes?

@Benedick: One can never have too little seersucker in one’s wardrobe, say I.

ADD: I would wear the poncho.

ADD II: Heh, just jivin’. I wouldn’t be caught dead in that poncho.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: I would wear share the poncho.

Also, the Nehru jacket is pretty striking.

Hey, I like Kids In the Hall.

Bloggie? Toronto??? Eh?

@Benedick: Whence those 2-inch cuffs? Is this a real Brooks Brothers ad, or some kind of Little Lord Fauntleroy fetish website? A place for people who fantasize about underage Edwardian public-school boys? Where is the teddybear, Sebastion?

@Prommie: I think it is made of felt. Why would you make a poncho out of felt? It kind of defeats the purpose.

ADD: Is the Lord Fauntleroy website a real thing or did you make that up? Just curious…


Makes sense. After all, the movies presented what now appears to be a highly optimistic future for Detroit – OCP wanted to *build* in Old Detroit, instead of demolishing all the houses, shutting off the utilities and giving up…

@Prommie: Those threads make me think of the costumes from The Prisoner tv show.

@al2o3cr: I’m going to Detroit next month for a community forum thing. Not sure how much of a community is left.

Fuck! Sen . Jeff Bingaman, D-NM, is retiring next year rather than seek reelection. Thanks, asshole. The GOP will throw everything they got to get that seat and there is no Democratic bench. He should have quite while Beel Richardson could have appointed a replacement. It’s like taking Jamie’s governor to DC without having a Democratic replacement on hand.


Breitbart and brownshirtsteabaggers to counter-protest in WI

Maybe they can carry signs saying, “WE DEMAND THE BOOT ON OUR NECKS PRESS HARDER!” for the full effect.

@Prommie: It’s real. It’s Brooks Bros’s trendy line for spring. The poncho is cotton with grosgrain trim and can be yours for $375. Do not try to wear those trousers if your waist is over 30″. Luckily I’m right around 29″ so I could pull it off. As the actress said to the bishop.

@al2o3cr: If we could get Twitter and Facebook to come here maybe we could have a revolution, too.

@Dodgerblue: Good question. Looks looks the same 2 photos of model with clothes cloned on. Holy shit, no wonder I am out of work.

“impacted” instead of influenced or effected.
“at this point in time” Very 70’s but still used.

@texrednface: One of my favorite Watergate-era evasions was “I have no current recollection at this time.”

@Benedick: “as the actress said to the Bishop,” why, thats the original version of “thats what she said,” isn’t it? Its all been done, hasn’t it?

@Dodgerblue: During Iran-Contra altered slightly to “I have no independent recollection, but I recall being told that I previously recollected that.”

@Prommie: Its all been done, hasn’t it? Yes.

@redmanlaw: That’s more suitable for day wear. I mean, I can’t see you wearing it to the Met’s party at the Temple of Dendur for the opening night of the new season.

I have another one about NY sidewalks.

assholes who walk down the street with beach umbrellas.

usually with an eyeball or two hanging off the tines.

I could live with those fashions as long as there are snaps in the back and it comes off really quick. like in one yank.


and strollers on moving sidewalks and escalators. do you have to stand on one side and park your fucking baby conveyance on the other side?

@Prommie: Is it traditional to dress male models in clothes that are one size too small?

Also, too, can we add not wearing socks with leather tie shoes to the list of no-no’s?

“Remains to be seen”: You have no idea what’s going on, so STFU.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut:
I was liking that part.

unless they are chubby. then it looks like a mistake.

Rockin out at my desk to U2’s live feed of their show in Cape Town tonight. The Edge has flubbed a part on a song he’s been playing on tour for two years and on Mysterious Ways, which has been in the live set since, what, 1991?

@Mistress Cynica:
I was always sort of partial to “take a step back”

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: I don’t really pay any attention to how the average man dresses, but on the red carpet it’s quite common for a man to wear a jacket one size too small and pants five inches too long.

Those who use “you” instead of “I” when relating a story about one’s own self.
For example:
Q: How did you feel when you breast fed your last child, Governor Palin?” A: Well, at first you feel total revulsion and then you get over it.”

@texrednface: English equivalent: One. One finds one is shitting ice cream these days.

Reach out, meaning, left a voicemail.

@redmanlaw: RML for Senate!!!

@Capt Howdy: Yes! I just had a run in with a couple of douchebag banker types walking through the Financial District with golf umbrellas big enough to take to the beach and shade a family of five!

@Benedick: that poncho is a crime against nature – the only time I darken the door of a BB is when they do the 3 shirts for $159 sale
@Mistress Cynica: so true – I should have thought of that one. The lawyer one that makes me want to shoot up the place is “the four corners of the document.” Where else do you look … under the document?

At the end of the day, the takeaway is that I hate those expressions.

In my “practice” such as it is, I speak almost daily to people who tell me that they have a “discrepency” over a matter of law, when they mean they have a “disagreement, and when we settle their discrepency, they tell me they are “in agreeance.”

@texrednface: oooh, or “impactful” which I hear all the time and always makes me want to start pulling my teeth out starting with the back molars.

@Benedick: I would totally wear that marching band jacket and rock the shit out of it.

@Prommie: @Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: @Benedick:

Let’s unpack that: What you really mean is that what was just said is a really great point that you didn’t think of, so you’re going to spend the next ten minutes talking about it until people think that you came up with it.

@blogenfreude: You don’t see many documents with 3 corners.

@Benedick: Thanks for bringing up “absent.” That’s one of the very worst offenses, IMO.

And while we’re at it, can the word “notwithstanding” be taken out and shot?

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