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No wonder Michelle Obama’s telling everybody, ‘you’d better breastfeed your baby.’ Yeah, you’d better, because the price of milk is so high right now!

Sara Palin, apparently unaware that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children not be fed cow’s milk before their first year.

It kinda makes you wonder if Palin is the real mother of any of her children.


Oh she never was.

I usually don’t make judgments about parents because sometimes shitty ones raise great kids and good ones raise hellspawn. However, in her case, well… I think any criticism of her as mom seems justified.

Probably spent more time looking in the mirror than actually mothering judging by the outstanding family of Rhodes Scholars and Ivy League graduates she spawned.

can you breast feed with enhanced breasts?

@Capt Howdy: yes. i fed on a pair just the other night.

I love this. brain teaser.

which way is the bus going left or right?

90% of preschoolers gave the correct answer. (and I blew it)

and dont google

BTW, the mere mention of Caribou Barbie has turned the not-MSNBC-ad into a teabagger-fest. I’m seriously torn between posting the link and spinning up a dozen EC2 instances to CLICK on the link. :)

In any case, here it is:

and no ist moving

its funny because its so obvious you will slap yourself

@Capt Howdy:
ok losers

I will tell you. you cant see the door. its going left

@mellbell: I thought it was parked. And I’m behind it. And it’s got those flasher things sticking out. And satan’s spawn the darling children are climbing out. Or it’s coming straight at us.

In other news: Stinque Geex. iPhone. me wanty I need to get one. Total lie. What is the advantage in buying one instead of getting it with a plan? Is there an advantage? Will it be shinier?

i hated my iPhone when i got it. we’re good friends now. a few more romantic walks on the beach reading mail, news, FB and stinque, and it just may be be love. (it’s even a phone too!) i know nothing about plans.
i’m on an international rape plan, can’t help you there.

and is there another option with similar features. I dont really want an iPhone because I am a contrarian old fart but I need a smart phone.

@Capt Howdy: I want an iPhone so when iHold it iCan think about Steve Jobs. Plus it is cool. Which is an important consideration for me on account of the whole shallowness issue. Plus it can connect SEAMLESSLY with my iMac and Air. Plus iWill finally be happy.

@baked: Darling, which international rape plan?

happy friday

Internet vigilante group Anonymous turned its sights on security firm HBGary on Sunday evening in an attempt to “teach [HBGary] a lesson you’ll never forget.” The firm had been working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to unmask members of Anonymous following the group’s pro-WikiLeaks attacks on financial services companies, and was prepared to release its findings next week.

HBGary had been collecting information about Anonymous members after the group’s DDoS attacks on companies perceived to be anti-WikiLeaks. The firm had targeted a number of senior Anonymous members, including a US-based member going by the name of Owen, as well as another member known as Q. In addition to working with the FBI (for a fee, of course), HBGary’s CEO Aaron Barr was preparing to release the findings this month at a security conference in San Francisco.

Anonymous, however, felt that HBGary’s findings were “nonsense” and immediately retaliated–but this time with something other than a DDoS attack. Instead, Anonymous compromised the company’s website, gained access to the documents that HBGary had collected on its members, and published more than 60,000 of HBGary’s e-mails to BitTorrent. They also vandalized Barr’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts with harsh messages and personal data about Barr, such as his social security number and home address.

“We’ve seen your internal documents, all of them, and do you know what we did? We laughed. Most of the information you’ve `extracted’ is publicly available via our IRC networks,” Anonymous wrote in a statement posted to HBGary’s site on Sunday. “So why can’t you sell this information to the FBI like you intended? Because we’re going to give it to them for free.”


the one that lets you call new york city from the caribbean for “free”
kinda like what my dad says about “free” casino suites–it’s the most expensive room in the joint.

Speaking of douchebags, check this out.

What would you anticipate would be the biggest objections from opponents to allowing any person with a valid concealed firearm carrying permit or license to carry a concealed firearm?

Many of the anti-rights positions stem from hoplophobia, morbid fear of weapons, a medical condition whose undiagnosed sufferers need treatment. Unfortunately, they often get involved in efforts to deny the civil rights of others instead of seeking help for themselves. They fail to distinguish between legitimate gun ownership and use, and homicidal maniacs and crime, indicative of their problem.

Yes, that must be it. People can’t just disagree. It has to be mental illness.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ:
will they dispense medical marijuana for it?

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: In Israel, there are 20 year olds with automatic weapons everywhere, and yet very little firearms crime. Discuss.

common enemy: everyone except each other. startling isn’t it? every single person besides the soldiers are armed too, and yet i never felt safer anywhere.
they predict if someone yells ALLAH AKBAR and proceeds to detonate himself, someone would blow his head off in 3.2 seconds. sometimes it’s not fast enough.

@baked: My first thought? Giant service dog on plane essential for coping with owner’s hoplophobia. She’ll have the steak.

Bella Does Business, new children’s bestseller on Amazon.

@Benedick: By an older one off Craigslist or some other re-sell site, and then have someone unlock it for you (you can do it yourself easily). I’m using a local SIM in mine in NotTibet, and couldn’t be happier with my favorite tunes, pictures of the family and free Skype calls when I have wee-fee.

In Vienna you’ll be able to buy a 3G SIM at your local tobacco/newsstand, and pay only whatever the local data plan is among the Osterreich.

i could probably pull that off, you know that? do i need to feel crazier?

@Nabisco: I don’t understand a word but I know it’s what I need. I’ve gone all tingly. My only question is: will it be shiny?

@baked: Crazier? You? Darling, what have I told you about doubting yourself? If any of the flight crew so much as raises an eyebrow start screaming.

By the way, whoever put that sloppy, interfere-with-the-read drop shadow on that title treatment should be SHOT.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ:


I do love learning new words. but I would have gone with hopalongphobia.

@Benedick: Messy drop-shadows are a crime against humanity. And they keep the trains from running on time.


fear of cowboys in coordinated black outfits.

@Dodgerblue: In Japan, they have extraordinarily strict gun control laws, and private gun ownership is basically non-existent, yet they have very little crime, including incredibly low incidents of violent crime.

@¡Andrew!: But the most awesome stories in the daily fishwrap about knife attacks and suicide by cmop.

@Capt Howdy: To the left? That’s how it looks to me.

@Capt Howdy: How do I find out? And I’m not so sure that’s a bus.

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