Take My Gavel. Please.

We’ve been blissing out the past couple weekends to podcasts from The Nerdistthanks, Apple TV! — and somebody mentioned in passing a classic Onion video we somehow missed the first time, but are proud to present on this, the first day of the Zombie Apocalypse 112th Congress.


Just the thing to get ready for this new Congress. By the end of the next two years bludgeoning a hobo outside the Sizzler may be the new national pastime. Think of the ratings it would get as a reality show.

Considering the kind of idiots that were elected… I will be way more shocked if the GOPers do things that make sense.

I’m currently on the BoWash commuter corridor, hoping to catch sight of late arriving congress critters. I think I’m in Plugz’ seat, there’s a suspicious lump in the cushion.

Speaking of ridiculous government:

Virginia DMV revokes world’s best license plate

I, like several of the commenters, wonder about anybody who reads “EATTHE / Kids First” and thinks of oral sex before cannibalism. Just sayin’.

On the other hand, I’d have to dispute “world’s best plate” – I think that title may rightly belong with an old co-worker who actually got “fux0rd” from the Ohio DMV.

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