Silver Slinky for Most Spineless Democrat

People keep insisting that Democrats accomplished things this year, and we keep replying that labeling something “reform” doesn’t make it so — especially in light of extra-Constitutional Senate rules that Democrats too often accepted as given, instead of making an issue out of them. We’ll grant that in the end you still needed Olympia Snowe to sign off on anything to git ’er done, but we resist the nasty habit of capitulation as the first move.

And so, who to blame: Barack Obama, because fish rot from the head? Harry Reid, who only survived his re-election because his opponent was batshit crazy? Or Evan Bayh, who’d rather quit than fight?

And the winner is…

Amazon, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bank of America, Tableau Software, and Apple. What?!!! Pandemonium breaks out at the Stinque Awards! It’s our first Jury Nullification Crisis! Judge Fishtray explains that in light of the Lame Duck rush of bill passage, it would be churlish to honor Democrats for spinelessness, even if their spinelessness led to everything being delayed until the Lame Duck session. Added Judge Yoda Pez about the WikiLeaks Seven, “Cowards, those bastards are.”

Next hour: Teflon Teabag for Best Wingnut

The 2010 Stinque Awards

I’m not jumping in on this as I would most likely get banned.

Plus I have to take a car to the body shop as the OH managed to crash both the Rolls and the Bentley over the ‘Holidays’.

But what did Catstick have to say?


Love the new avitar.

BTW, when did we start worrying about being churlish? That ship sailed a long time ago, Noge.

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