Sheryll, 2010

I’m heartbroken [Spike Kinsey/Facebook, via karen marie]

Losing a fur baby is terrible, terrible pain. No snark here, I’m quite sad for Spike.

@JNOV: Now Ifeel bad about all the snark. Kinda.

I hate it when pets die.

Yeah, no, it’s most def very sad for Spike, and for everyone remembering a pet no longer with us.

::sigh:: I just got off the phone with someone who is thinking about euthanizing her dog. It’s so hard. A friend of mine wrote a great piece about coping with the loss of a pet. It helped me when I had to make this decision.

Borked link fixed.

It’s a year this weekend since I lost my Maeve-cat. My heart goes out to Spike.

In honor of Sheryll’s passing, Silent Creative Partner and I are now seated for a memorial IMAX 3D viewing of Tron.

Pfft. Don’t be fooled for a second. Nojo has a heart. On some Stinque Jam there’s an awesome picture of a kitty that adopted Nojo…

@karen marie doesn’t want to know: I know! Right[interrobang]

Here’s something even cuddlier.

ADD: Can’t find the picture of the kitty in his backyard.

@nojo: I dunno. Despite claiming otherwise, you’re looking pretty gingerish in that photo with Puyi.

@nojo: I saw a screener of “Barney’s Version” last night, leading to this question chez Dodger: has Paul Giamatti played a character who was not a jerk?

@Dodgerblue: Depends on whether you take the point of view of Adams or Jefferson.

@JNOV: a kitty that adopted Nojo

So, a friend had a kitty who got knocked up. Friend then tried to pawn off the spawn. I wasn’t sure whether I could take on the Awesome Responsibility, but when I visited to check out the litter, one beastie stuck his head out from the pile to inspect me. Fate accepted.

Little shitter then crapped all over the place, including inside my shoes — something I didn’t discover until, um, well…

“The Last Emperor” was a recent film, featuring a charming scene where the Chinese Wise Men inspect Baby Emperor’s poop in a bowl. Furry Shitter thus christened Pu Yi, anglicized to Puyi for convenience.

Grew up to be a great Indoor Soccer player. Also an infamous Lap Whore with houseguests.

(Footnote: That’s not ginger, that’s sun hitting brown. Nojo and NojoBro escaped the family curse that afflicted our cousins.)

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