M*A*S*H: The Next Generation

“The South Korean military went to ‘crisis status’ on Tuesday and threatened military strikes after the North fired dozens of shells at a South Korean island, killing two of the South’s soldiers and setting off an exchange of fire in one of the most serious clashes between the two sides in decades.” [NYT]


Princling Kim probably needed to show he’s as “tough” as his old man… not odd for a rotund guy who probably spent his entire life in luxury (relative to his “people”).

I heard this on “All Things Considered” yesterday. Apparently North Korea has taken their nuclear weapons program very seriously. A facility with thousands of centrifuges for enriching uranium is far, far beyond the point anyone thought they had reached.

@Dave H: Also, the Stuxnet worm may have been revised to attack those NK centrifuges, once it’s done messing with Iran.

Okay, so if Korea was really Vietnam in M*A*S*H, then Korea is now Iraq or Afghanistan. Wait. Korea is really Korea!

The Korean Peninsula, Israeli settlements and all sorts of other tinderboxes have been ignored because we’ve been distracted concentrating on two wars and on screening das kinder trying to get onto sky toobz to visit Oma.

@nojo: My question about Stuxnet is when those centrifuges go nuts and spin outta control until they break, does the nuclear material go flying out of them?

@JNOV: I would hope the Israeli geeks thought about that.

Then again, when you bomb a nuke plant, I imagine it’s a lot worse.

@nojo: Yeah — I’ve thought about the trade-off as well.

Passing thought: What would President Palin do?

And no, I’m not washing your shorts after that.

@Fearless Leader: You know, I think the definition of “hell” is knowing that the last sentence in the language of Shakespeare, before The End Of The World, would be spoken by Sarah Palin.

I’m actually of two minds. One is in the Hitch line of thinking — dirty hippie libs ought to be REPULSED with this guy. The brutality is giving Stalin a run for his money.

The other part of me still can look at a map and comprehend it. We make one false move, and a lightning strike on the capital would kill tens of thousands before the Americans got their boots on — and that would be true if Black Eagle, or if Sarah Plain and Dumb, were in charge. And if Kim’s packing atoms, that could be hundreds of thousands dead.

In short: we’re fucked. And so are the North Koreans.

@chicago bureau: What ratio of INDDIR to SUFDDIR will be required before the gamemaster puts on the red beanie?

/retreats to newly acquired DFW geekdom/

ADD: Turns out, it’s just men fighting over crabs.

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