What Should LeBron Do? STFU.


We don’t follow Sport, and even we can’t stand the Nike LeBron commercial. Although the new genre of Self-Involved Advertising Apologies is an interesting postmodern development. Take it away, Cleveland!

[via Kottke]

For some small reason I can’t see this help reduce the perception that LeBron is a major league asshole.

Oh and Nikes suck.

Worst running shoes I’ve ever had.

A company of assholes founded by an asshole who sponsor assholes for their asshole commercials to sway dumb assholes to buy their asshole shoes.

@ManchuCandidate: New Balance trail running shoes do it for me (the 4WD of running shoes). Made in the U Fucking SA, ese.

@ManchuCandidate: Hey, hey, hey. Half the buildings on the UO campus wouldn’t get built without your patronage and cost-effective child labor.

I prefer New Balance or Asics (South Korea represent!!) because they have tough soles (or Seoul) and don’t fall apart like Nikes crap excuse for running shoes.

I would have worked in the child labor or labour (now I’m back in Canada City West Coast) but I couldn’t find an angle.

TJ (though there’s a Sport connection in that it’s the same DA who bungled the Kobe Bryant rape prosecution):

A Morgan Stanley wealth manager will not face felony charges for a hit-and-run because Colorado prosecutors don’t want him to lose his job.

@SanFranLefty: They only bring felony charges against people whose reputation wouldn’t be damaged — like minority youth, for example.

@Mistress Cynica: Right, or apparently two women who switched bibs in a bike race deserve felony charges.

Money quote (so to speak) from the DA:

“The money has never been a priority for them. It is for us,” Hurlbert said. “Justice in this case includes restitution and the ability to pay it.”

Hurlbert said Erzinger is willing to take responsibility and pay restitution.

“Felony convictions have some pretty serious job implications for someone in Mr. Erzinger’s profession, and that entered into it,” Hurlbert said. “When you’re talking about restitution, you don’t want to take away his ability to pay.”

There are so many things wrong with what Hurlbert said, I don’t know where to start.

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