Sarah Palin’s Don’t Ask Ya

Her new Bending-Reality Show debuts: “She and husband Todd use their kids as props, even staging a cute little scene in which teenage daughter Willow tries sneaking a boy upstairs — without, notably, any reference to how that scenario turned out for Bristol.” [Variety, via Sully]


My mind is still reeling from the fact that she rails about the invasion of her privacy by the media in the first episode of her reality show.

I turn up the illogic shields and use the subtext helmet every time I read a quote from her.

Your Alaskan princess only wants “Good” news about her family of grifters or what she wants to show. Not the truth or her stupid.


Perfectly consistent (by teabagger standards) – she’s like Obtuse Angle, who only wanted the press to ask questions she wanted to answer, and only appeared on programs that would let her shill for cash.

No thanks. I’ll stick to reruns of The Beverly Hill Billies.

Oh darn, I’m busy having my fingernails ripped out in Fallujah that night.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen TV since August, or maybe I’m losing my mind, but the ads I saw for this nutty show are pretty well done.

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