Muslims Wearing Things

The next time Juan Williams boards a plane, this enterprising new website provides a handy guide to gauge his personal Threatdown.

Left: “Muhammad Yunis, a Muslim, is sporting a (Nobel) prize-winning smile.”

Center: “Fatima Mernissi, who is Muslim, is wearing red lipstick and a red hat.”

Right: “This is Jamal Baadani. He’s Muslim, a Marine, and he’s wearing a lot of medals.”

Pictures of Muslims Wearing Things [via Ana Marie Cox]

Quick, Nojo, start the After Darque companion blog, Pictures of (Hot) Muslims Not Wearing Things!

Is there such a thing as Mooslem pron? I thought that if anyone shows more than a wrist or an ankle, they start chopping stuff off.

Like in that holiday parable about the wife who removed her headscarf and sold her hair to buy her huzbund a watch, but whoops he had his hand chopped off for trying to steal a brush for her now non-existent hair.

The thing that gets me about this subject is that any terrorist trying to do something here is going to dress like the natives, not in ethnic garb. It just goes to show what an idiot this guymust be to fear people dressed in clothing from the middle east. It’s the ones dressed like himself that he should watch out for. I think the 19 hijackers all wore business suits or at least standard casual attire.

Of coarse Juanny may have been paid to say what he did to get his contract broken. I know that half of the time that I heard him on the radio it would cause me to pause and ask myself WTF?

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ:

So what happened to big tough strong Contards? I live in a neighborhood that is 40-60% Muslim and I’m still alive. Sure I’ve grown to like Falafel, but no urges to pray to Allah or invoke Sharia law. I’m not shitting my pants in fear of them.

See, I thought it was Muslims Wearing Thongs. So I’m all like, Take me to the casbah.

@¡Andrew!: Omar bin Henry, peace be upon his surprise endings.

Right around now would be the perfect time for a major revival of Kismet. So offensive on so many levels.

@ManchuCandidate: The zip code that I live in is one of the most diverse in the US, and I haven’t been beheaded even once!

(knock on wood–formica?–laminate?–whatever this desk is.)

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